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A Strange Compliment

The next week, my roommate Maria was in an evening class, along with some of my other close friends. Spending the evening alone, I decided to get some work done. Rather than do my homework, I walked over to the student union center to pick up something at an office. On my way in, I […]

Our First “Real” Meeting

Now that you know the story of when I first saw Daniel, I’m sure you’re wondering how we got to this point from there. Technically, we did not meet that day at all. We were not introduced; we did not speak to each another or learn each other’s names. Like I said before, Daniel does […]

I am the oldest of seven.

That short sentence is always the first thing that comes to mind whenever I am asked to share with a group something interesting or unique about myself. The fact that I am the oldest of so many has always defined me, in so many ways. But that is not the topic of this blog (although […]

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2008 August, available at: ForYourMarriage.org
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