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My Family

So let’s go back to the family thing, shall we? This week I want to talk some more about my family, and next week I’ll talk about Daniel’s family. My parents were married young and I was born when they were both nineteen. My Mom stayed home with me while my Dad worked and continued […]

On Love: Disney and the Eucharist

In our society, the concept of love is somewhat of an enigma. Either that or it’s a little bit (or a lot) twisted. From a very young age, children (girls in particular) get an impression of “love” through Disney princess movies and other fairy tales that depict falling in love as a man coming along […]

Seven Months To Go!

There are now exactly seven months left until the wedding, and I ordered my dress today!! It’s the same one as the picture I put up a few weeks ago, and I bought it through a “bridal shop” on eBay for cheaper than I found it on the original website. I really hope it turns […]

Something Worth Fighting For

This past weekend, Daniel and I went to see the movie Fireproof, the latest by Sherwood Pictures. They’re the production company affiliated with Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia whose low-budget Christian football film Facing the Giants was surprisingly successful all around the country a couple of years ago. We knew Fireproof was about a […]

Premarital Stress

Everybody gets stressed. I’ve always heard about how stressful wedding planning is for most people to begin with, but for us planning the wedding itself actually hasn’t been too bad– yet. It’s everything else that’s getting to us. We graduated on May 11. On May 27 we both started work on the same day, at […]

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2008 October, available at: ForYourMarriage.org
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