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Holding On to Our Senses

“She appears to have taken leave of her senses.” The above phrase would typically be taken to mean that “she,” whoever she might be, has gone crazy or is displaying irrational behavior in some way or another. However, it could also take on a rather different meaning. It seems to be a common expectation that […]

“A Month Hardly Counts for Anything, Right?”

As I am writing this on Thursday, there is exactly one month left until the wedding. Thirty days. Four weeks and one day, plus about twenty hours. Daniel and I got engaged on April 20, 2007. That was 108 weeks, one day, and about eighteen hours before our wedding. Of course, we didn’t know that […]

Dressing for the Occasion

The response cards are coming in, filling my parents’ mailbox, and I have been diligently marking people off on my invitation address spreadsheet as they come. And there are only five weeks left! Our friends’ wedding last weekend really made me all the more excited for mine. The whole evening was lovely, and the bride […]

Another Lesson Learned

The invitations are out! Daniel and I joked as we drove away from the post office that we really have to get married now. Everyone’s going to show up—it’s official. I spent all of my free time last week printing, punching out, and assembling invitations, response cards, and reception cards, as well as searching for […]

Marriage in the News April 2009

Marriage in the News April 2009

Visiting Africa, pope urges support for marriage, the family and women; How married couples keep learning to be married; The joys and challenges of interreligious marriage; “You’re Driving Me Crazy!” Couples learn to reinterpret irritants; Papal preacher: Love and marriage still go together; Rising birthrate among unmarried U.S. adults

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2009 April, available at: ForYourMarriage.org
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