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Weekend Wedding – Part 5

Being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hammond to a room full of everyone we love was an amazing experience. The deejay played instrumental music that made it sound like we had just won a game show or something, but in a good way. We walked through the door, grinning brightly. The room looked even […]

Wedding Weekend: Part 4

Our wedding Mass was beautiful. My nervousness didn’t entirely disappear, but it definitely got easier as soon as I took Daniel’s hand to walk to our seats. I had been worried that I would be too anxious to pay attention and pray during the liturgy, but that didn’t end up being a problem at all. […]

Wedding Weekend: Part 3, The Big Day!

When the alarm on my cell phone went off at 6:10 on Saturday morning, I sat up immediately and swung my feet to the floor. I didn’t hit snooze at all, which was a surprise to both me and my friends even though it was my wedding day. I showered, brushed my teeth, and put […]

Wedding Weekend: Part 2

Just to let you know since some of you are wondering, there is going to be a wedding photo album posted on here very soon—I think by this time next week. Daniel and I are anxiously awaiting the photographer’s pictures ourselves! As for today, I hope none of you are bored by the fact that […]

Marriage in the News June 2009

Marriage in the News June 2009

The type of support spouses need from each other; Pope focuses on marriage and family in Holy Family’s “home town”; The roof over our heads: Housing crisis impacts couples and families; Another vocation crisis for the Catholic community: marriage; California Supreme Court upholds ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage; What couples can do as couples when the recession strikes home.

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2009 June, available at: ForYourMarriage.org
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