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The End of the Sleepover Era

Don’t worry—this week, I’m cooling it with the heavy theological/philosophical stuff. Daniel’s birthday was this week, and I was all excited about being able to wake up and bring him breakfast in bed now that we live together, but I didn’t wake up in time, which upset me greatly. After work, Daniel helped load a […]

“Happily Ever After” – Part 2

Daniel and I dedicated a good chunk of both Friday night and Saturday to battling our seemingly inescapable enemy: clutter. We pulled all kinds of books, old paperwork, and memorabilia/trinkets of various shapes and sizes out of their hiding places and piled them all in the living room to be gone through. Over the course […]

Giving “Happily Ever After” a Chance

I wonder how Cinderella felt after she and Prince Charming had been married for two months. That’s how long it’s been for Daniel and me now—two whole months. I guess you could say we are still in the honeymoon phase of our marriage, even though our honeymoon trip only lasted one week. That’s not to […]

Weekend plans–or not

I am really looking forward to this weekend. The past couple of weekends have been pretty busy for Daniel and me—two weekends ago we stayed with my younger cousins while my uncle and aunt went on a trip to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. We had a lot of fun there, first of all because […]

Being Married

Now it’s time to catch you up on the last month and a half, the first month and a half of Daniel’s and my married life together (since it’s taken me that long just to tell you about the wedding weekend!). I absolutely love being married. I love getting to see Daniel every single day […]

Marriage in the News July 2009

Marriage in the News July 2009

Immigration reform that reunites wives with husbands, parents with children; Is U.S. divorce rate declining?; Unemployment’s crushing effects on marriages and families; Lessons learned on enduring love in marriage; Key challenges faced by U.S. bishops in defense of marriage; Statistics on tying the knot with someone of another religious affiliation; Family breakdown linked to poverty: Support urged for marriage and family.

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2009 July, available at: ForYourMarriage.org
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