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About a month after our wedding, Daniel and I officially registered as parishioners at the church near our home, the same church that I have attended with my family for the past ten years. The staff there knows me by face and by family, but did not necessarily know Daniel’s name. After filling out the […]


I am no longer a student, but I still feel the excitement of fresh beginnings with the start of a new school year. Having attended Catholic grade school and a Catholic college, I have always operated in three different “years,” all going at once. There’s the Church’s Liturgical year, beginning with the first Sunday of […]

The Joys of Marriage

A couple of weeks ago, one reader commented that I haven’t been focusing enough on the joys of marriage in my blog. So, I decided to come up with a list of some of the joys of my marriage to Daniel. I love easy tasks, and this certainly was one! In no particular order, here […]

The Voice of Choice

This week’s entry is written by Daniel. Let me begin by saying that I am not as eloquent as my wife. To give you proper perspective, Sarah worked at the writing center when we were in college and I was a frequent user of the writing center. That said, I would like to focus on […]

Marriage in the News August 2009

Marriage in the News August 2009

How the unmarried respond when asked why they move in together; Couples tie Internet to marital conflicts; Long-married couples provide needed sign of encouragement to the young; Factors that threaten a lasting marriage; Americans believe in marriage, but divorce at astonishing rates; SPECIAL REPORT: Marriage and family in Pope Benedict’s new encyclical.

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2009 August, available at: ForYourMarriage.org
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