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Drum roll please…

I have an exciting announcement for you all this week, one that I have been just dying to write about for weeks because it is all I can think about: Daniel and I are parents! I’m having a baby!! I must admit that I’m really not enjoying this first trimester of pregnancy, but that’s just […]

Love and Life in the Divine Plan

What is marriage, really? This week, the bishops of the United States voted to approve the release of their new pastoral letter on marriage called “Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan.” This message from the bishops is so important today because of all the challenges and or threats to the institution of marriage. […]


I’ve talked before about my love of song lyrics and have used a few in my entries in the past year. Another thing that I love, which I don’t think I’ve really used here before, is my love of quotes! As a writer, I am enthralled with the power and beauty of words and the […]

Marriage in the News November 2009

Marriage in the News November 2009

Index of leading marriage indicators released; Marriages in America: Number declines, age rises; Pope Benedict: Address uncertainty regarding foundation of family in marriage; Catholic communicator discusses marriage, divorce and annulments; Should engaged couples talk together about how rich they hope to become?; Synod for Africa: Concluding words on marriage and family.

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2009 November, available at: ForYourMarriage.org
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