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One of the most precious and urgent tasks

From On the Family To bear witness to the value of the indissolubility and fidelity of marriage is one of the most precious and urgent tasks of Christian couples in our time.

October 31, 2010

(Halloween) Grab a small paper bag, draw a Jack-o-Lantern on it, and fill it with some of your spouse’s favorite treats—candy, gum, mints, etc.

A vocation and commandment

From On the Family The gift of the sacrament is at the same time a vocation and commandment for the Christian spouses.

October 30, 2010

“Marriage is neither heaven nor hell; it is simply purgatory.” (Abraham Lincoln)  Lincoln may not have improved his relationship with Mary Todd with this statement but there’s some truth to the reality that we purify each other because we know, only too well, each other’s faults. Accept a fault today.

A Different Kind of October

Sarah compares her life now with her life at this time last year. Also, read about little Charlie’s latest accomplishments.

October 29, 2010

How’s your memory? We humans tend to remember what we want to hear. I’m not as likely to remember a vague or optional request my husband makes if I really never wanted to do it anyway. Are there things you conveniently forgot and then got busted? Don’t argue, just apologize.

The sacramental union of the two spouses

From Letter to Families from Pope John Paul II for 1994 – Year of the Family The sacramental union of the two spouses, sealed in the covenant which they enter into before God, endures and grows stronger as the generations pass.

October 28, 2010

Make sure that the only time you say, “I love you” is not only when you’re making love. Find a unique or surprising way to say “I love you” to your spouse today.

Together with the words of Sacred Scripture

From Letter to Families from Pope John Paul II for 1994 – Year of the Family Together with the words of Sacred Scripture, [family prayer] should always include the personal memories of the spouses-parents, the children and grandchildren.

How Committed is the One You Hope to Marry?

How committed to you is the man or woman you’re beginning to think you’d like to marry? How do you “decode” this person’s level of commitment? Scott Stanley cautions couples not to attach a “sign of commitment” label to actions that may have little to do with commitment. “I think it’s important that people have ways to read correctly how committed their partner can be to them,” Stanley said.

October 27, 2010

Do you know something your spouse doesn’t? Don’t keep a hobby, a skill, or an interesting fact a secret. Introduce your spouse to new things you learn and enjoy.

Time alone

From Follow the Way of Love It is especially important for couples to have some time alone.

A TV Program Worth Watching

“Parenthood” is one of the few TV shows that Josh and Stacey make it a point to watch. Josh explains how the show captures the give and take–and the self-sacrifice–of married life.

Humility: Foundation for Marital Happiness

Humility: Foundation for Marital Happiness

Pride is a mortal enemy to love, and also to lasting marital happiness. The antidote is humility–an acceptance of who and what we are.

October 26, 2010

“Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction.” (Romans 12:12)  Sounds a lot like the wedding vow, “for better or for worse.” Some wisdom is ancient and timeless. Would you count today as a “better,” “worse,” or just “OK” day for your marriage? Recommit regardless.

It is hard to imagine

From Follow the Way of Love It is hard to imagine how a family can live faithfully, be life giving, and grow in mutuality without deliberately choosing to spend time together.

Do You Operate in Different Marital Time Zones?

Do You Operate in Different Marital Time Zones?

Opposites attract — but a laid back spouse and one who’s always on the go can often stress each other out. Find out if you and your spouse operate at the same speed.

October 25, 2010

Sometimes the main difference between a happy marriage and a troubled one is preserving an attitude of “goodwill” when one makes a mistake. How does one build goodwill? By constantly looking for the good rather than the fault and creating a “bank account” of positive experiences.

Spending time together

From Follow the Way of Love Spending time together builds intimacy, increases understanding and creates memories between husband and wife, parent and child.

October 24, 2010

Don’t use the “D” word (Divorce) when arguing. It’s like pulling out a gun and can be a self- fulfilling prophecy. The more times you successfully resolve a disagreement, the more confidence you’ll have that disagreeing is not grounds for divorce.

October 23, 2010

According to The 8 Essential Traits of Couples Who Thrive, (Susan Page) couples need: Desire, belief, and commitment; Goodwill; Clear values; Boundaries; Perspective; Relationship-enhancing communication; Intimacy; and Pleasure. Is anything missing in your marriage?

A resource for education in the faith

From  On Anthropological Foundation of the Family Address of Pope Benedict XVI at the Ecclesial Congress of the Diocese of Rome Christian families constitute a decisive resource for education in the faith, [and] leaven in a Christian sense the culture and social structures.

Hope Grows for Common Date for Easter

Imagine celebrating Easter in your home both on March 31 and again May 5. This could happen in 2013 for a Catholic married to a member of one of the Orthodox churches. Read how the recent Synod on the Middle East discussed the issue of a common date for Easter.

Living for Today

Read what happens when Sarah and Daniel leave Charlie with his first babysitters. Also, Sarah muses about the future and the need to live in the present.

Marriage must be understood

From Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan Marriage must be understood within the primary vocation to love, because humanity is created in the image and likeness of God who is himself love.

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