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October 11, 2010

Extroverts often talk in order to think while introverts process information internally and need time to think before talking. If you are an extrovert and your spouse isn’t, be sensitive. Leave time for silence or agree that you will both jot down a few thoughts before you start talking.

October 10, 2010

“One of the great illusions of our time is that love is self-sustaining. It is not. Love must be fed and nurtured, constantly renewed. That demands ingenuity and consideration, but first and foremost, it demands time.”(David Mace) Identify one time waster in your day.

Called to be beacons of faith

From Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan As the first Christian families were islands of faith in their time, so Catholic families today are called to be beacons of faith.

October 9, 2010

Do you know what your spouse considers romantic? Try guessing how each other would answer this question then compare answers. Try pleasing your beloved on your next date, then reverse.

A marvelous first spark

From God is Love A sentiment can be a marvelous first spark, but it is not the fullness of love.

My Vocation

Daniel pointed out to me the other day that my blog seems to have become more about Charlie than about our marriage. He wasn’t saying this as a criticism, he clarified, but merely as an observation. My response was, in a nutshell, “No kidding!”

October 8, 2010

Weekly Date Idea: Build something together – ice cream sundaes, a pizza with your favorite toppings, a tower of blocks. Perhaps you will find a chuckle over the odd or weird combinations that reflect your different approaches to food, building, and life.

A family lives in peace

From The Human Family, A Community of Peace Message of Pope Benedict XVI for World Day of Peace 2008 A family lives in peace if all its members submit to a common standard: Fostering their harmonious coexistence and giving direction to their work.

Grandparents More Likely to Raise Grandchildren

One of every 10 children in the U.S. today lives with a grandparent, and 41 percent of those children are being raised primarily by that grandparent, the Pew Research Center reported Sept. 9. The center reported that a “small but growing minority of grandparents” have primary responsibility for their grandchildren.

Straightforward relationships

From The Human Family, A Community of Peace Message of Pope Benedict XVI for World Day of Peace 2008 Straightforward relationships need to be promoted between individual[s]… and between peoples, enabling everyone to cooperate on a just and equal footing.

October 7, 2010

Couples don’t have to pray or belong to an organized religion to have a happy marriage – but it helps. Having a shared spiritual home connects you with God’s ageless wisdom and with a community of people to support you. Try praying together.

The Boys of Fall

Both Stacey and I were at least two-sport athletes in high school and remain competitive and active by playing basketball, soccer and boxing…We want Oscar to be involved in team sports, so we gave him a choice this fall: he could play soccer or football. Both were being offered at our parish school through Catholic Youth Organization. He chose to play football—he wanted to try it out to see if he might like it.

The question about children

From Letter to Families from Pope John Paul II for 1994 – Year of the Family The question about children and their education is profoundly linked to marital consent, with its solemn promise of love, conjugal respect, and fidelity until death.

October 6, 2010

If you’re reading this marriage tip it means you care about your marriage and are smart enough to nurture it. Perhaps it’s time to share your good sense with others. Can you volunteer to help out with marriage preparation in your diocese or parish?

When it comes to fun, are you compatible?

When it comes to fun, are you compatible?

Take this quiz to find out if you and your spouse are on the same course when it comes to recreational activity

October 5, 2010

The allure of another sexual partner is outweighed by freedom from worry, a deeper love, being a person of integrity, and peace of mind. If tempted, put your energy into rediscovering your love for your spouse.

It is the spouses

From Letter to Families from Pope John Paul II for 1994 – Year of the Family It is the spouses who give their consent to each other by a solemn promise… by confirming the truth of that consent in the sight of God.

October 4, 2010

“[L]ove … by its very nature must then be shared with others. Love grows through love” (Pope Benedict XVI, Deus Caritas Est #18). Even if you don’t feel loving, do one loving act for your spouse today, and another tomorrow…

Like a fruitful vine

Like a fruitful vine your within your home. Like olive plants your children around your table. Just so will they be blessed who fear the Lord.  Psalm 128:3, 4

A gift from the Lord

Children, too, are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward.  Psalm 127: 3

October 3, 2010

Acknowledging your sexual attraction to each other is one of the beauties of married love and reinforces your commitment. What words or actions of your spouse are a sexual turn-on for you? Does your spouse know what pleases you?

Through the years

From Address of John Paul II at the Fourth World Meeting of Families The grace which you received in marriage remains with you through the years.

October 2, 2010

“My heart is ever at your service.” (William Shakespeare) It doesn’t take many words to melt your beloved’s heart. Put this sentiment into your own words or borrow Shakespeare if you must.

Charlie puts on Christ!

Sunday was a perfectly lovely day, with Charlie baptized during noon mass at our parish by the same priest that officiated at our wedding (which we didn’t know about beforehand, so it was a nice surprise) and a reception with our family and close friends in the church social hall afterwards. Charlie was very well-behaved […]

Love requires…

From Follow the Way of Love Love requires… time to be present to another’s failure or success, confusion, despair, or moment of decision.

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