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Our Worst Moment as a Couple

Do you and your spouse always argue about the same thing? For Josh and Stacey, it’s the morning rush to get out the door. Stacey talks about the conflict and how she found a way to address it.

May 31, 2011

“Let mutual love continue. Do not neglect hospitality.” (Hebrews 13:1) Does this mean God is calling you to have a party tonight? Maybe. But hospitality is more than a liquor suite at a convention. When some people need clean water and food, liquor is a luxury. Share.

May 30, 2011

(Memorial Day) Separations in marriage can be stressful. The strain on marriage and family life when a spouse is deployed in the military can be difficult for both partners. If you know someone whose spouse is deployed, give support. If you don’t know anyone personally, pray.

May 29, 2011

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. Plan now for some relaxing time with your spouse, whether it’s a real getaway or a day or two here and there throughout the summer.

May 28, 2011

Never say “always” or “never.” You’ll always be wrong because your spouse can always find an exception. You’ll never solve a disagreement this way. Over generalizing is always dangerous.

May 27, 2011

Weekly Date Idea: Commit to a “tech free” night. Turn off your cell phones, computer, the TV, and the lights. See what’s left to do without electricity. Maybe push each other on swings, sing old camp songs, have a pillow fight–use your imagination.

A Bittersweet Season: Caring for Our Aging Parents–And Ourselves

Caring for aging parents can stress even the best marriages. The author draws on the experience of caring for her mother to offer practical advice and information to navigate the complexities of elder care.

Planning the Wedding Ceremony

Justin and Sara have spent a lot of time planning their wedding ceremony. What traditions are important to them, and what have they decided to toss?

May 26, 2011

If your spouse doesn’t clean to your standards: teach him/her your way, reduce your standards, do it yourself, or stop complaining. Choose one. If that doesn’t work choose another. Eventually you’ll stop complaining.

Things You Won’t See at a Catholic Wedding

Things You Won’t See at a Catholic Wedding

Weddings are steeped in tradition, so we can be surprised when some of the expected elements “go missing.” Why are some of these words and actions (for example, “I now pronounce you man and wife”) not part of the Catholic wedding ceremony?

What is a Patron Saint?

What is a Patron Saint?

The Catholic Church loves saints–so much, in fact, that it has designated particular saints as special advocates for individuals, countries and occupations. There is even a patron saint of the Internet: St. Isidore of Seville. How can patron saints help us?

May 25, 2011

“Laughter is more important than sex.” That’s one of the five findings from a 2007 Reader’s Digest Survey of 1001 people. Some people are funny by nature; others have to nurture this talent. Making fun of oneself by exaggerating a fault or mistake is one technique for the comedy-challenged.

People Now Marry Later, and Stay Married Longer

Contrary to popular belief, divorce has been declining in the U.S. since its peak around 1980. Couples who marry today have a better chance of reaching a milestone anniversary, in part because they are waiting longer to get married.

Man of the House

Josh reflects on his role in the home. It may not be exactly what society expects, but it’s good and rewarding work that demands complete commitment. Ultimately, he says, it brings joy.

May 24, 2011

“Greet one another with a loving kiss. Peace to all of you who are in Christ.” (1 Peter 5:14) How do you greet each other in the morning? After an absence? What is your customary practice when taking leave of each other? Does it reflect your love or your busyness?  

May 23, 2011

Marriage helps us understand that not everyone experiences the world the same way I do. We can learn this truth in other ways, but a spouse speeds the process by being himself or herself. Receive your spouse’s different perspective as a gift today.

May 22, 2011

Would you rather save for a house (or household repairs) or use money for a vacation or other recreation? Money differences in marriage often stem from how our parents handled money. Find a middle ground.

May 21, 2011

“Why would a couple that lives and sleeps together every night need dates and rituals? Precisely because they live and sleep together.” (Bill Doherty,Take Back Your Marriage) Do you have the custom of a weekly date?

May 20, 2011

Weekly Date Idea: Thrift Store Date. Pick a spending limit (like $5 each) and see what crazy gift(s) you can put together for your sweetheart. Try creating a crazy or luxurious outfit for each other and wear it home. It may be the only time you wear it (other than Halloween) before you donate it […]

May 19, 2011

One kind of mixed message is combining a positive and negative comment. What happens is that the criticism negates the compliment. When a positive message and negative message conflict, the negative one is more powerful.

Moving Days

Sara and Justin finally take possession of their new apartment. Although Sara won’t move in until after the wedding, the reality of mingling “stuff”–and lives–is starting to set in.

May 18, 2011

“To keep your marriage brimming with love in the wedding cup, whenever you’re wrong, admit it; whenever you’re right, shut up.” (Ogden Nash)

Sweet Lucy

After two boys, Stacey reflects that raising a girl is a very different experience. Just when Stacey thought she had figured out her daughter, Lucy surprises her.

May 17, 2011

“May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to think in harmony with one another.” (Romans 15:5) Married couples don’t have to always agree with each other, but it’s important to be together on core values. Are there key principles on which you disagree?

May 16, 2011

“It is sometimes essential for a husband and a wife to quarrel – they get to know each other better.” (Goethe) Be wary of a couple who says they never fight or argue. They’re either lying, avoiding something, boring, or dead.

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