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April 15, 2013

(Reader’s Tip) Wake up each morning vowing to make the decision to love your spouse no matter what. When you feel anger or negativity, look at your spouse and remember your decision to love.

April 14, 2013

“Simon, son of John, do you love me?” (John 21:16) Sometimes married couples feel they have to fish for compliments or for those magic words, “I love you.” Can you be the first to say them to your beloved today? If you missed being first, try being the last.

April 13, 2013

How can you support your spouse or child if they want to change a bad habit? Say or write the goal out loud as a start. Join them in the process. Help them set a reward/consequence. Don’t rescue but be there to comfort if they don’t succeed – yet!

April 12, 2013

(Reader’s Tip) It’s important to remember your priorities in your marriage. Never sweat the small things that may get on your nerves about your partner.

Cave Refectory Road

The author writes,“I sense that there’s a deep stream of possibility in the monastic way that can help us in the 21st century to find new ways to live.” The monastic rhythm, he says, suggests that “most of our hurrying is unnecessary and perhaps even harmful.”

April 11, 2013

Remember your first real date? Can you recreate it in some way this week – go to the same place? the same movie? wear the same clothes? If you can’t remember your actual date, make up a fantasy one and talk about the way it might have gone down.

April 10, 2013

True love goes much deeper than physical attraction but there is also a very physical dimension to feeling loved. Share what you find especially attractive about your beloved’s body.

April 9, 2013

Many married couples’ lives are hectic. Take a rest break today. Yes, you may have responsibilities, but if you can’t find a time to rest today, commit to doing it some day this week. Rest in each other’s arms for a moment/an hour.  

Finding Community

Stacey writes: “Joshua and I find that those relationships that are most dear, most life-giving and most enduring are with peers who are faithful and who push us to grow.” She explains in her latest blog post.

What Does the Rising Cohabitation Rate Mean for America?

New research studies show that many women are choosing cohabitation over marriage as their first union. What are the benefits and costs of delayed marriage?

Following Francis

Justin reflects on the example offered by Pope Francis and his namesake, St. Francis of Assisi. He discusses how meeting Gus’s needs has helped to lessen his attachment to material goods.

April 8, 2013

Is there an older married couple whom you admire? What one or two things have you learned from them?

April 7, 2013

Are you a “Doubting Thomas?” Sometimes we doubt our beloved’s good intentions; sometimes we doubt our own ability to live up to our commitments. Trust takes time and a track record. Have you earned your beloved’s trust? Not sure? Ask.

April 6, 2013

Politeness and good manners are not just for adults and job interviews. Teach your children basic courtesy, greetings, and not to interrupt. It can make everyone’s life at home less stressful. Model it with your spouse.

April 5, 2013

Chivalry and the art of politeness may seem out of vogue in favor of honesty and equality. A little romantic courtliness, however, can counter taking each other for granted. Just for fun, see who can “out-polite” the other.

April 4, 2013

(Reader’s Tip) If you want your marriage to be happy, whenever you’re wrong, admit it. Whenever you’re right, shut up.

Married Saint of the Month: St. Gianna Molla

Our Married Saint of the Month series continues with a 20th century model of holiness. St. Gianna Molla, a doctor and mother of four, made a parent’s ultimate sacrifice: giving up her life for the life of her child.

April 3, 2013

The written word often carries more weight than talking, perhaps because it takes more effort and there is a record of the words. Why not write a love poem or limerick for your beloved. It doesn’t have to rhyme. Not a writer? Search the internet for a poem that reflects your feelings.

Basketball and Family: The Little Things

Josh’s love of basketball leads him to appreciate the little things that bring success. Reflecting on these well-executed details, he got to thinking about the little things that make for a happy marriage and family life. He offers a list to ponder.

Happy Easter!

To prepare for Easter, Sara decides to fast from radio, TV and the internet. Her experience leads to a permanent resolution regarding computer time.

April 2, 2013

(Reader’s Tip) We have worked every day of our 26 married years to be the kind of couple others would want to emulate.

What’s Your Idea of Fun?

What’s Your Idea of Fun?

Has the prospect of warmer weather got you thinking about recreational pursuits? Most couples look forward to spending free time together. But what happens when you and your spouse have different ideas about the meaning of “fun”?

Immigrant Families Face Fear, Hopelessness

Recent criminal violence in northern Mexico has complicated immigration challenges at the border. Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville describes the fears and anxieties faced by immigrant families, both the poor and the well-to-do.

April 1, 2013

(April Fools’ Day) Laughter, when shared, is a healing balm. Share jokes today. Does your family have any stories about family foibles that get repeated at family gatherings? It doesn’t matter that it’s embarrassing, it becomes family mythology.

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