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August 13, 2013

Procrastination. The Christian Family Movement suggests: If not now, when? If not me, who? If not here, where? Are you putting something off until the kids are older or the house paid for? Relationships don’t always wait.

August 12, 2013

(Reader’s Tip) A person must be willing to give a complete and total gift of self for a happy and holy marriage.

August 11, 2013

Ads remind us that it’s back-to-school time. Is there a resolution you need to make to help the new school year go more smoothly?

August 10, 2013

“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes!” (Jack Handey) To curb the urge to criticize your beloved, you may need a little distance and perspective, but make sure to come back.

August 9, 2013

Even if you’re newly married, try fantasizing about what it will be like to grow old together. As Robbie Hart sings in the “The Wedding Singer”, I’ll “carry you around when your arthritis is bad…get your medicine when your tummy aches…even let ya hold the remote control.”

August 8, 2013

Although it’s risky to assume your spouse can read your mind, a perceptive spouse can pick up negative feelings and attitudes through vibes and non-verbals. If you hold a negative thought toward your spouse, (nag, selfish, jerk…) try changing your mind; the feelings may follow.

A Papal Salute to Grandparents

Speaking at World Youth Day, Pope Francis described the relationship between the old and the young as “a treasure to be preserved and strengthened.” The Pope has frequently spoken on the important role of grandparents, citing his own paternal grandmother.

Happy Birthday, Gus!

Gus has just turned one year old! Sara reflects on the surprises–and the fun–that Gus has brought into her life.

Home Sweet Noem

Last week, we traveled a day and a half to South Dakota to join a Noem family reunion. It was everything that an MTV spring break special is not: a weekend packed full of sweet rolls, baseball, and thoughtful conversation marked by easy silence and friendly nods.

August 7, 2013

Couples who have a television in their bedroom have sex half as often as those who don’t. (2006 Ladies Home Journal study). TV’s are not bad; neither is sex. Just don’t let the TV substitute for cuddling and intimacy.

August 6, 2013

(Feast of the Transfiguration) Most of married life consists of daily routines to which we give little thought. Sometimes, however, an “ah-ha” moment breaks through and we see our spouse or marriage in a new light. Have you had such a moment? Share it with your spouse.  

Good News for Married Lovers: A Scriptural Path for Marriage Renewal

This week’s book is a classic by the late Fr. Chuck Gallagher, a driving force behind Worldwide Marriage Encounter. Fr. Chuck considers the extent to which people who are married become part of each other’s lives and must, as a consequence, give “absolute priority” to each other.

August 5, 2013

“Not everyone is going to be a friend, but no one needs to be an enemy.” (Susan Vogt) How do you, your spouse, and your children deal with people you don’t like? Avoid them? Pray for them? Try to understand them? Gossip about them? Confront them? Talk about it.

September 5, 2013

(Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa) We now know that Mother Teresa suffered “dark nights” when she keenly felt God’s absence. Even in marriage, one can experience loneliness. Stay faithful to prayer and to your vocation, even if you don’t feel like it.

August 4, 2013

In today’s Gospel (Luke 12:13-21) Jesus reminds us life does not consist of possessions. If you and your spouse constantly argue about material things, maybe it’s time to look at what’s most important in your marriage.

August 3, 2013

Saying ‘I love you” out loud is important, but sometimes indirect gestures of love carry an even stronger impact. Be creative. Put your love in writing as a love letter or a short note hidden in some unexpected place where your beloved will find it.

August 2, 2013

Even though married couples share an intimate life together, sometimes talking directly about sex can feel awkward. Natural Family Planning gives you language and a daily routine to prompt those sensitive discussions. Try it.

August 1, 2013

(Reader’s Tip) Marriage is like a three-legged race. In order to win, you have to move forward together.

Married Saint of the Month: St. Jane Frances de Chantal

St. Jane Frances de Chantal is probably best known for her great spiritual friendship with St. Francis de Sales, with whom she founded the Visitation sisters. Before that, however, St. Jane was a happily married wife and mother who successfully ran a large estate.

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