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For Your Marriage

Are Faith-filled Couples Happier?

David and Amy Olson did a national survey with a sample of over 21,000 couples in 1999. Part of their survey was questioning couples regarding their spirituality and how it affected their relationship with their spouse. According to their survey, one’s spiritual life does have an impact on their marriage.

If you share a spiritual life with your spouse it tends to go along with a happy marriage. Happy couples tend to agree about how they express their spiritual beliefs. They find that shared beliefs bring them closer together, and they rely on their spiritual beliefs during difficult times.

According to Dr. Olson, “Their faith helps them focus on the positive aspects of each other and to encourage and respect each other. Their marriage is a sanctuary – a source of care, mutual protection, comfort, and refuge. When feelings change, their faith tides them over and sustains their relationship.”

The Journal of Family Psychology (by Mahoney, et al, 1999) also reports that couples who make religion an important part of their marriage have less conflict, more verbal collaboration, greater adjustment to their marriage, and they see more benefits in their marriage.