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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

Blessed New Year!

Sara: The past few days, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on this past year, and the past six months of married life. I think it’s a combination of hitting the New Year, packing up all of our belongings as we prepare to close on our house next Monday, and really being separated from Justin for more than a night for the first time since we got married.

Justin: Every Christmas I go home to go ice fishing with my grandpa. As Sara had a newborn niece, it was very important for her to spend Christmas with her family. Therefore we spent Christmas with her family. However, my grandfather is 87 years old and you never know how much longer he will be able to fish. Therefore, it was also very important to me that I make it home as well. By the way, the fishing has been fantastic. Perhaps the best fishing of my life!

Sara: Living the “single” life without Justin around has been very different. This cooking for one is definitely for the birds! I’ll be grateful when Justin is back from North Dakota and he hopefully resumes cooking duties. It’s also been very different to sleep in a bed by myself, and not to have anyone to talk to throughout the day.

In many ways, the time apart has been good, though. It’s made me appreciate all Justin does around the house, and how much he supports me.

I’ve also had an opportunity to spend some more time with my aunt, who I unfortunately haven’t seen much of since Justin and I have gotten married. We’ve been able to have dinner together several times, and just catch up on life. I am realizing it’s also important to make time for friends and family outside of just Justin, although it’s hard when I’ve been commuting an hour each way each day to work. Perhaps that would be a great new year’s resolution for me!

It’s been interesting how much harder it’s been to communicate with Justin just via e-mail and phone. We continue to make lots of little “big decisions” about the house and moving process.

Justin: Communicating over the phone is so much more difficult than communicating in person. I find that often rather than the positive communication we experience in person we seem to feed each other’s stress level over the phone. I think this has been especially hard on Sara as she has been at home carrying out the decisions.

Sara: Before we put in an offer on the house, I wanted to paint the entire inside of the house before we moved in, as it will be a lot easier without furniture in the place.

We’ll only have possession of our house and our current apartment at the same time for twelve days. During that time, we’ll be out of state for most of the weekend for my niece’s baptism. After several tears (from me), we finally realized we were trying to do too much in the span of twelve days. We decided to compromise and paint the bedrooms before we move in, and then we’ll wait and do the main areas either over spring break or in the early summer when Justin has some time off.

Sara: All in all, we’re looking forward both to Justin’s arrival home on Saturday, and closing on our new house just two short days later!