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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

Boy Meets Girl: Girl Meets World, Part 2

Once we arrived at the lakehouse and gotten our stuff settled, we were informed that there were kayaks on the dock if anyone wanted to take them out. So I, rather bravely since I don’t know how to swim, said I wanted to go if anyone wanted to go with me.

Justin volunteered. As we sat on the dock talking about life, he told me about his aunt who had recently passed away from cancer, and her funeral. I then told him about my cousin who had recently passed away as well. Until that moment, I hadn’t told anyone who didn’t know me.

I was just struck by how easy Justin was to talk to – and I knew I was interested in getting to know him better.

After Justin taught me how to kayak, we headed back to the lakehouse for the retreat, and despite what Justin may say to the contrary, we both really went our separate ways. The next day, Justin sat next to me at Mass. The retreat was rather moving for me, and I realized I wanted to take my walk with God to the next level. I went to confession for the first time in several months, and I was amazed at how crying and admitting I needed God made my life so much more peaceful. I spoke to the priest about my anger in losing my cousin.

Later that day, Justin and I somehow ended up being the only ones to clean up the kitchen. When he washed the dishes by hand, I REALLY knew I was interested in getting to know this guy better.

Justin mentioned he should get my phone number so we could hang out in Kansas City after we got back. I said sure, but didn’t give it to him yet. That was the first of three or four times he’d ask for my phone number that weekend.

Justin: Whatever! Sara totally followed me around like a puppy dog all weekend.

Sara: If you say so. Anyway, we spent the rest of the weekend at the lakehouse, mostly in groups. By the end of the weekend, when he asked for my phone number yet again, I gave it to him. I was surprised to learn he was a full ten years older than I am.

The next weekend was Fourth of July, so we saw each other at a few parties, and hung out with a group at Ted’s house. The following week, Justin left for three weeks to lead a mission trip for college students to Costa Rica through the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS).

Before he left, Justin asked for my email address so he could get my address to send me a postcard if he had time.

Three weeks sounded like a long time without him – but was actually really good for me. Before meeting Justin, I must admit I was slightly boy-crazy. I had only known Justin for two weeks, so it gave me some time without him being around to determine how I really felt. Before Justin, I never really spent the time thinking or praying about these things, and it backfired more than once.

After Justin got back into the country, we went to the lakehouse again with a group of friends. We spent much more time in each other’s company. And I couldn’t believe how disappointed I was when a postcard didn’t appear. A week or two after Justin got back, an unsigned postcard stamped in Costa Rica was delivered by the mailman. Justin and I continued to see each other in groups, but I wondered if Justin was EVER going to ask me on a date.

Justin: I just wanted to be sure! And you were so young–only 22.

Sara: So finally, just after Labor Day, Justin asked me on a date. And I said yes. And the rest is history.