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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

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Sara: For the past couple of months, it seems like our blog (just like our life) has revolved around Gus. Since we’ve had Gus, we’ve finally understood why most parents don’t get out much in the evenings. It’s simply too hard to go out when we start getting Gus ready for bedtime at 7 pm.

This weekend, we packed up and headed to my folks’ house, just a few short hours away. Because I’ll be going back to work soon, it’s realistically our last trip to see them before Thanksgiving.

My mom offered to babysit so Justin and I could go out for a couple hours together. While I’ve left Gus with a sitter once, Justin and I had yet to be together without Gus since he was born. So I left my parents with a few bottles filled with breast milk, and Justin and I headed to an Italian restaurant for lunch.

As we started into the restaurant, it was odd not to be carrying Gus’ carrier or the diaper bag. In fact, Justin and I were even able to hold hands while we walked! For the first ten minutes or so, I think Justin and I were simply enjoying the quiet. We realized that we didn’t have to eat our lunch as quickly as possible in case Gus decided he was hungry, too.

Justin: The time was very nice. For a good portion of dinner, we didn’t even talk much. I think it was enough to just to be in each other’s presence.

Sara: It was really good to have some time for each other. I don’t think I really realized how much Gus had changed our lives until we had some brief time without Gus. It also made me realize how important it is for Justin and me to carve out time together just to concentrate on each other and our marriage.

Justin: Interestingly, this week’s Mass readings were also about marriage. In Father’s homily, he reminded us that God is teaching several fundamental truths about marriage through the Genesis account of the creation of Eve from the rib of Adam. First, it speaks to the equality of man and woman, in that they are made of the same substance. Secondly, it teaches of the sacramental nature of marriage. Thirdly, it is God who joins the man and woman in his providence so that they might grow closer to him and to each other.

Father explained that in every marriage there is a legal aspect and a sacramental aspect. We obtain a license from the state and then are married by a minister of the church. The legal aspect can be broken, but as Jesus taught in the Gospel man should not separate what “God has joined.” It is the sacramental nature of marriage which provides a union which is capable of standing the test of time.

However, Father continued, even the union provided by a sacrament requires maintenance. We must not undertake actions which separate us from God because we have been brought together by his providence and we are sustained by his providence.

Sara: Unfortunately, I missed most of this timely homily because Gus was fussy! However, Justin and I discussed the homily as we headed home, and realized exactly how much we agreed with Father’s advice to maintain our marriage. Even as we get caught up in our daily busy lives, Justin and I need to take time, just as we did this weekend, to put each other first so our marriage can be a good example to Gus.