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For Your Marriage

Several years after Troy and Kathleen were paired up for a dance performance, they fell in love and got married. They live in a rural western suburb of Chicago with their 5 children, ages baby to college bound, and have 3 little souls in Heaven.

Do You Have Marriage Insurance?

We have all been pursued at one time or another in our adult life by an insurance company via snail mail, e-mail, phone call or personal visit. (we had one of those recently and he brought us a chocolate cake – that was pretty cool!) Each company rallies for our business and we as the consumer have to choose the right policy to fit our specific needs, circumstances and budget. Why do we need insurance? In many cases it is required of us, but even when it is not specifically required, we often choose to invest in policies to protect us from devastating circumstances that could literally wipe us out financially. Insurance gives us peace of mind. Today, I am an insurance agent, pursuing you to consider taking out a policy to protect your marital bond. There is no better time than the PRESENT to invest in your marriage. The best part about this policy is that it doesn’t cost a dime, but it does require an investment of yourself.

I will provide you with a list of specific data points your policy must contain in order for your insurance to be effective in protecting you and your spouse from devastating marital circumstances, and then you can build your policy around this list according to your terms and what works best for your unique situation.

  1. Respect – in all circumstances, respect your spouse
  2. Put Christ first, your spouse second, family third, and work fourth – keep your priorities in order and remember that work is at the service of your family
  3. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOUR MARRIAGE – discover what it is, what God desires for you and your spouse, and then follow His blueprint
  4. Pray together as a couple
  5. Kiss each other good morning and goodnight
  6. “Never let the sun set on your anger…” Ephesians 4:26 – Agree to disagree if you need to, but do not go to bed angry
  7. Go on a date once a week, even if this means a stay-at-home date
  8. Go to Mass together every Sunday
  9. Do not use artificial birth control – learn a method of Natural Family Planning to be more educated about your bodies and the gift of fertility
  10. Keep your souls clean by going to confession together once a month; this is great to do as a family
  11. Say “I love you” every day
  12. Have a meeting once a week to discuss items of family business; it is vital to stay on the same page regarding your mutual affairs and to ensure each spouse is not overburdened with “to do” tasks
  13. LISTEN to one another – truly listen with your ears and your heart
  14. Say “I am sorry” when a situation calls for it; pride is at the top of the list for your policy to be considered “risky”
  15. Never forget the vows you made on your wedding day: in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, till death do you part

Just like a life insurance policy, your marriage policy lasts for a lifetime – till death do you part. If you follow this marital policy, I can ensure you that not only will your marriage be virtually divorce-proof, you will also experience great joy and fulfillment in your marriage. Feel free to add to the list above things that you as a couple believe would further ensure your marriage to be divorce-proof. Perhaps there are “trigger words” that you know deeply hurt your spouse – commit to not saying them. Maybe there is something special that you can do for your spouse on a regular basis that you know will make him or her feel loved – add this to the list and commit to doing it. I gave you the essentials, but you can purchase additional coverage for your specific situation.

Having a teenage boy driver in the house, I recognize how much more expensive his car policy is compared to mine and my husband’s policy. Why? Because he is considered a risk. The older you are, the better grades you have, and the fewer accidents, are all factors that contribute to a lower cost for your auto policy because they lower the risk of the payout for the insurance company providing you coverage. It is the same in marriage; the less you invest, the riskier your policy becomes and it could end up costing you A LOT, perhaps everything that has meaning to you in life.

Take out a marriage policy today!