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For Your Marriage

Teachings about Catholic marriage from our Holy Father.

God’s Masterpiece of Creation

On February 28, 2014 Pope Francis celebrated daily Mass at the Casa Santa Marta. During his homily, he spoke to the congregation about God’s “Masterpiece of Creation,” which he referred to as both the human person, created male and female, and the faithful union of husband and wife in marriage. He said, “In this journey of love that is Christian Marriage, God blessed the masterpiece of His creation with a blessing that can never be taken away. Not even original sin destroyed it. When one considers this, he quite naturally sees how beautiful love is, how beautiful marriage is, how beautiful the family is, how beautiful this journey is.”

He then spoke about how Christ fulfills this masterpiece through His marriage to the Church: “Christ is married: He married the Church, His People. As the Father had married His people Israel, so Christ espoused His people to Himself.”

The Pope also stressed the need for the Church to accompany those who have experienced failure in marriage. He encouraged the Church that “when this love fails, because many times it fails, we have to feel the pain of failure, we must accompany those people who have had this failure in their love. Do not condemn. Walk with them and don’t practice casuistry on their situation.”