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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

Happy Anniversary!

Sara: As I hinted in last week’s post, I was hoping to do something special to remember our three-month wedding anniversary last Sunday, as I felt it was our first “major” anniversary. It didn’t have to be anything big, but I thought perhaps Justin might surprise me with a rose or something similar as he occasionally did throughout our dating time. I had had a long week at work, including helping coordinate a golf tournament on Saturday for the parish, so I was looking forward to some down time.

Well, we will be remembering our three month anniversary for a while now. The day started out as a normal Sunday, with us getting up, eating breakfast, and then heading to Mass together. Since the car I usually drive was full of golf tournament items that needed to go back to the office, I almost suggested we take the other vehicle. However, since Justin grabbed that set of keys, I figured we’d just take that vehicle.

We got in the car, and Justin tried to start it. Nothing happened. He tried again, with no success. Since we were cutting it close to get to Mass on time, I suggested we take the other car and work on the car after Mass. Justin called a buddy who’s good with cars, and left a voicemail. The worst part was the car was in our one car garage, and we didn’t have jumper cables that were long enough. And, because of the design of our parking lot, we didn’t think a tow truck could get it out.

Later that afternoon, Justin’s friend came over, and the car started for him. So he and Justin took the car down to the shop to be fixed the next day. Needless to say, I didn’t get an anniversary present, nor did I even realize it until later that evening.

As Justin was dealing with the car situation, I realized how grateful I was that this was no longer just “my problem” as it had been when I was single. Instead, we conquered the problem as a team, which in this situation mainly consisted of Justin determining to what extent he wanted to work on the car himself. The next day, as I dropped him off at work extra early, I was grateful we had two cars, and that we were able to work as a team to make the transportation work. Just over three months ago, car trouble was a lot bigger inconvenience than it was now (of course, I could only be thinking that because Justin dealt with the shop).

I realized that many times, Justin says, “I love you,” in different ways. For instance, he tells me he loves me when he does the dishes, picks up the house, helps out at my work golf tournament, or works to fix the car.

Justin: Like I did all of last week.

Sara: It may not always be the way I expect him to tell me he loves me, but I need to appreciate it nonetheless.

And, of course, I also more fully learned that life happens – sometimes in the most inconvenient ways. Next time, I won’t expect our anniversary to be perfect, and realize that God has the final plan.