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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

Happy Wedding Day!

Finally, after much tossing and turning, and little sleep, I was able to get up. “Happy Wedding Day!” I wished myself after getting up. I quickly showered and washed my hair, as requested by my hair stylist. Following my shower, I got a text message from a dear friend, whose son was getting married the same day about 3 hours away. He wished me a happy wedding day, and hoped the weather was better for me then in Omaha – they had rain. I hurried to the window, and noticed the storm clouds. Thankfully, I managed to stay calm. To ensure my strength, I then had a quick breakfast of cold cereal.

Next, I headed to the hair salon, realizing part of the way there my veil was already at the church. Thankfully, the two locations were within a mile of each other, so it didn’t take so much time. As I walked into the salon, the rain was lightly misting – my favorite type of rain. I decided God wanted Justin and me to know our dear deceased family members and friends were praying for us on our special day. Just as I walked into the salon, my mother’s hair was finished – and she looked gorgeous!

I relaxed as my up-do was completed, and my sister eventually came in. She told me I looked GORGEOUS, and I told her she had to say that because she was my matron of honor. Following the completion of my up-do, I headed back to the apartment to finish packing for the day. My friend Katie came and picked me up to take me to the church. She had also picked up the flowers, which the floral shop had messed up on. In addition to sending an extra red boutonniere (my colors were yellow and blue), the floral shop left roses with petals with brown edges. Thankfully, Katie had once worked at a floral shop and was able to fix this herself.

Sometime that morning, I realized someone needed to stop at the apartment and pick up food for the wedding party to snack on that morning as we had pictures. I called Justin to see if he, his parents, or someone else could swing by the apartment. He said he’d take care of it.

Justin: During all this time, the boys were eating a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. I think it is much easier for boys to get ready. After breakfast, I asked Fr. Rolling to hear my confession. I wanted to enter into marriage as clean and spotless as possible.

No sooner had we finished, and Sara was on the phone asking me to pick up lunch from the apartment to bring to the church. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I hadn’t started to get dressed because I was going to dress at the church to avoid the rain. As I started trying to brainstorm people I could send in my place, Fr. Rolling was quietly indicating that he would be happy to go. I did my best to ignore him figuring that he had plenty to do and was far too important for such a task. However, when he started waving his arms to draw my attention it became impossible and so Fr. Rolling got his way.

Sara: So, I put on my makeup, and decided it was time to get dressed. My biggest wedding fear was that my dress would not zip up. My personal attendant helped me get into it, and was having trouble zipping it up. Unfortunately, I started to become nervous. Thankfully, with help, she was able to zip it up without further incident.

Then we heard a knock at the door – Fr. Rolling had the cooler full of food. I thanked him from bringing it in from the car. He said no, he had gotten Justin’s key and stopped by the apartment to pick it up. Suddenly, I knew Justin was somehow in trouble – priests aren’t supposed to pick up food!

Justin: Thankfully, after explanation, she understood!

Sara: After that, I learned the groomsmen were late. I sent a messenger to ask Justin for names. Since two of our groomsmen were named Mark, they said it was Mark’s fault. So, I had the photographer have Justin face away from the entrance of the church, and walked in so we could get a picture of us seeing each other for the first time. And Justin was handsome!

Justin: I wasn’t sure what to expect as I was standing there waiting for Sara to come into the chapel. When she did finally come in, all I could do was smile.

Sara: And once I saw Justin that morning, I remembered exactly why I was there – to become his wife. And all the sudden, all the little details, including the missing groomsmen, no longer seemed a big deal. In a few short hours, I’d be Mrs. Justin.