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For Your Marriage

Josh and Stacey Noem have been married for almost 20 years and have three children in middle school and high school. They blog about parenting and their adventures as a family.

More About Josh and Stacey

In our previous entry you learned a bit about who we are and how we met. What follows are more specific introductions. First, Josh will introduce you to Stacey and then Stacey will introduce you to Josh.

Josh: My wife is the kind of person that you’d really like to have with you in an apocalyptic emergency. Think of the movie I Am Legend–your chances of survival in that setting would be much greater next to her. I think I’d flit around trying to comprehend the reality of what is happening and meanwhile, she would be roasting a squirrel over a fire in a safe spot she scouted to spend the night in.

Stacey takes it as a compliment when folks are surprised to hear that she is an only child. She is intelligent and has an intuitive feel for others. Logistical planning comes easy to her, she likes structure, and she overflows with compassion and empathy. She finds slap-stick humor funny, like when someone gets hit with a wrench, but not the relational, situational humor of The Office (too embarrassing).

She has a refined palate for chocolate in many, many forms. She loves chocolate chip pancakes, a Saturday morning staple in our house, and I recall being amazed that she could tell when I used a different brand of chocolate chips in the batter.

Her tastes are simple, not flashy, and she does not like being the center of attention. She really thrives when she helps others succeed, which makes her a great mother. She has a strong instinct for justice and loves the Church. She never ceases to call me to be a better person, which makes me grateful to be married to her.

Stacey: Joshua is quiet. Very quiet and highly introverted. He is also completely straightforward. There is no pretense in him and he doesn’t really notice or track pretense in others. He is the kind of man that all your girlfriends want to meet. He is also the kind of guy that other guys are just completely comfortable hanging out with playing Super Tecmobowl on an old Nintendo.

He is a strong lead on the dance floor and knows what it takes to dig deep enough to finish a boxing match. He knows how to make traditional family recipes including apple pie and homemade bread buns. He loves to play basketball and when we play 1-on-1 he doesn’t go easy and enjoys beating me; but enjoys it even more if I get ahead and start talking trash at him.

He has a weakness for some really incomprehensible humor along the lines of the Cohen brothers and the Big Lebowski, and I have been sitting next to him when he has gotten to giggling so hard at a movie that tears are streaming down his face and he has to roll onto the floor because he is doubled over and can’t breathe. That is how Joshua experiences joy–fully, all the way.

Joshua is the type of father that holds boundaries and coaches teams. He pulls golden locks in to pigtails and wrestles on the ground before bed each night. Family comes first in all things, but his work ethic is close behind. Because a job well done is a positive reflection on your family and is praise enough in and of itself. He loves South Dakota where he was raised. He feels most fully himself when he is in the Black Hills, and I sense he finds God most easily there as well. He balances intelligence and a real thirst for Truth and understanding with a passion for baseball and an appreciation for having a catch with his dad.