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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

Moving Days

For the past three weeks, I feel like all I have done is move, prepare for moving, or unpack from moving.

Three days before we were supposed to move all of my items into Justin’s apartment and a friend’s garage for storage, the apartment complex we wanted to live in after we are married called and asked if we could move in May 15. I’m blessed to be living with my friend Sasha near my job in Kansas City.

The only problem with this was that Justin was leaving the country the morning of May 15 to lead a mission trip, and hadn’t given 30 days notice on his apartment. So, after some wheeling and dealing, Justin was able to give less than 30 days notice because there was a waiting list for his apartment. We also convinced our new landlords to have the new place ready a week earlier than promised – and let us have access to our garage in the meantime.

The morning we were supposed to get possession of our new place, our landlord called and said we won’t be able to get possession for at least two more days. The previous tenant got out late, and the landlord didn’t realize the tenant had smoked in the apartment. Management had a longer list of items to do to get our apartment ready for us. So, we called our moving crew (mostly college students) and told them just kidding.

The next morning (about 24 hours after the first phone call), the landlord called and asked if we were ready to have possession. They were able to work all night to get the apartment ready for us. So, with less than a half hour’s notice, we came over, got our keys, and started to round up a moving crew. That evening, we had ourselves a moving party. The next day, several students came over again to help.

Probably the weirdest part of the whole moving process was how everything is now “ours.” Although I won’t move in until after the wedding, it is now “our” kitchen, “our” bathroom, and “our” bedroom. As we were telling students where to put things, it was “our” bedroom. I had thought numerous times about how nice it would be to live together after we were married, although I never really pictured our stuff intermixed. His potato masher is in a drawer next to my cutting board. One of “my” dressers is now where Justin keeps his clothes. And only half of the closet will be mine once I move all my clothes here. After we are married, we’ll truly be sharing everything! Already, I’ve gotten frustrated because after five days away, “our” kitchen had dishes piled up. While I’m so excited to get married, I now realize we will have some adjustments after we get married and finally begin to live together!

Any suggestions on how to make the transition easier?