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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

My New Favorite Chore

Sara: Time has certainly flown! In less than two weeks, my maternity leave will be over and I’ll be headed back to the work force. I’ve been very blessed to have these weeks with Gus, and I know it will be very difficult for Gus and me to be apart during the days. In fact, I plan on bringing a box of tissues to work with me that first day!

Justin: It will be really hard to have Sara go back to work. Before Gus came, I don’t think I could have appreciated how much having Sara at home would add to our quality of life. Her constant presence at home has brought a level of peacefulness to our home and lifestyle that is palpable.

Sara: Lately, I’ve been reflecting on what Gus has taught me these past ten weeks. In addition to learning how to take care of an infant, Gus has managed to teach me so much about myself – including perhaps that the kitchen is not such a bad place to be! Everyone knows the old joke that the only place for a married woman is in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Since I’ve never really considered myself a “Martha Stewart” type, I figured I was safe from that stereotype. During those single days, frozen pizza, dinners out, and the occasional meal made from a box made up most of my diet. My mom had taught me how to cook before I left for college, but I simply didn’t do it. After Justin and I were married, he did most of the cooking because he didn’t consider frozen pizza three times a week part of a healthy lifestyle.

After I got my energy back following Gus’s birth, I slowly began to take over many of the household duties during Gus’s naptime – including cooking the occasional meal. When we were bringing items to share with friends, instead of using the “boxed baking method” all the time, I’ve started to bake from scratch. One day, I even made my own granola bars! I now find myself searching online for new recipes for us to try.

Surprisingly, I’ve really enjoyed the time in the kitchen. I find the time I spend in the kitchen relaxing (unless Gus starts screaming in the middle of it)! It’s been fun to provide for our family in this way.

Justin: I think one of our friends (herself a stay at home mom) puts it best.

She says that, “babies make the best bosses.”

Sara: Plus, it’s nice to be able to eat the fruits of my labor. I’ve noticed now that we’re eating more fresh foods, and the drive-thru doesn’t taste as good as it used to! Justin has been very supportive of my new hobby too – he and Gus will hang out on weekends while I spend some time cooking. It’s amazing how God encourages us to develop certain talents in various seasons of our lives. It would never have occurred to me that I would one day enjoy domestic duties, such as cooking and baking,. I’m even considering asking for some kitchen items for Christmas!

As we transition into life with two working parents, I know my time for fun will be very limited. Justin and I will have to be very creative with how we spend our time in order to be able to take care of Gus and complete all of our household chores. However, it’s great to know that a once-dreaded chore may not seem like quite as much work as it once did!