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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

No More “Superwoman”

Sara: Until I got pregnant, pregnancy was pretty much a mystery to me. Sure, I had heard a few stories here and there, but I had no personal experience to really know if stories were truthful or not. Therefore, I unintentionally discounted most of the stories I had heard about pregnancy, and assumed some of these women were, perhaps, spreading myths.

Here are several things I’ve learned since becoming pregnant:

1. Morning Sickness: I’ve decided whoever termed it “morning sickness” was either a male, very optimistic, or a liar. While I was blessed not to be as sick as some of the stories my fellow females tell, my “morning sickness” lasted all day. And, the very thought of some food I’ve always loved (such as my former favorite soup) can make me gag, even after Justin made it special for me.

2. Cravings: Speaking of food, this craving “thing” is not, in fact, a myth. The strangest things can sound incredibly yummy, whether it’s a baked potato (which I hadn’t eaten for six months before becoming pregnant), cheese, or oranges. Strangely enough, chocolate (one of my favorite sweets) didn’t sound or taste good for most of my first trimester. Many women have told me cravings are the way my body tells me what I need to be eating, so I try to give in whenever it’s reasonable. Thankfully, I haven’t craved any total random combinations, like pickles and ice cream.

3. Grumpiness: Pregnant women don’t intend to be grumpy. At least, I don’t. I do feel myself having to work harder to be patient and pleasant to others, especially when I get overtired. I also can sleep at totally random times and places including in the car.

4. Lack of Balance: It’s actually made it difficult to have any sort of routine or balance in our lives. Many days, I’ll feel like coming home from work and having a nap. Occasionally, I’ll come home full of energy and ready to tackle a project. Unfortunately, those project tackling days are now few and far between. Some days, even praying is difficult because I have a tendency to fall asleep whenever I sit still!

5. No Longer “Superwoman”: The entire moving process was also very difficult for me. Before getting pregnant, I probably would have had the entire house put together in less than a week, including new curtains sewn, living room painted, and rugs placed out and wondered why Justin didn’t work as fast as I did. Now, I simply don’t have the energy to do it all at once, so the nursery continues to sit full of boxes in a less than decorative fashion. I joked with Justin that I’m no longer “Superwoman” because I need to take so many breaks and naps.

6. Unreasonable: Sometimes, the things I do or the things that make me really upset make no logical sense. For instance, today we had our internet service provider out to see why our internet has been so spotty since we’ve moved into our new house. When I got home from work, the guy was parked in the MIDDLE of the driveway, such that I couldn’t park in my own driveway without blocking him in. Let’s just say I had a minor meltdown, which Justin was kind enough to help me through without insulting the repairman.

7. Enjoy Affection Less: Probably the most surprising item to me is I enjoy affection less. By less, I mean for my first trimester I didn’t want to be touched at all, including by my own husband. Now that I’m feeling better, I insist he touch my belly at least twice a day and tell baby how much he loves him or her.

When everyone told me how much a baby would “change our lives,” I had no idea the changing would occur as soon as we got pregnant! I also now realize that pregnancy stories are based in more facts than I once would have believed. Mostly, I look forward to experiencing our continued adventures with baby.