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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

Our First Christmas Together

Sara: The holiday season continues to remind us of what is truly important. Since we headed to North Dakota to see Justin’s family for Thanksgiving, we went to my parents’ home for Christmas. We had three full days with my family, so it was a great time to just relax and be.

Perhaps my favorite part of the entire weekend was FINALLY meeting my little niece. At eight weeks old, she was both as cute as a button and just old enough to highly amuse our family. It was great to see both my sister and brother-in-law as parents, and see how that has made them grow together as a couple. I was especially amazed at their teamwork in feeding, clothing, and changing their infant.

It also was the first time in several months we had seen my folks. Even though we only live a few hours away, it’s amazing how quickly busy schedules (for all of us) make getting together difficult. I always somehow manage to forget exactly how much I enjoy my parents until I spend a bit of time around them.

After enjoying a relaxing few days with my parents, I dropped Justin off at the bus station, and he made the fifteen plus hour trip to see his family in North Dakota. He’ll be gone just over a week and will hopefully have the opportunity to do lots of ice fishing with his eighty-six year old grandfather and other family members.

Justin: My bus trip was totally worth it. My first day of ice fishing, I caught a 19 lb, a 12 lb, and about a 9 lb North Pike fish.

Sara: Perhaps if I’m lucky, Justin will even manage to bring me back some fish he caught!

While it’s been hard for Justin to be away, I know it’s also good for him to be able to spend time with his family. Unfortunately, I was unable to get off of work so I could go with him. One of my relatives actually asked my mom if our marriage was in trouble because we were spending some time apart!

I’d like to be right beside Justin in every one of his adventures, but I know sometimes that won’t be possible. We may one day, God willing, have children to take care of, or have other needs that simply doesn’t make this feasible. Since Justin has great winter and summer breaks, as long as I am working full-time it’s not reasonable to expect I can join him for each and every adventure. In addition, as much as I would have loved to go see Justin’s family, ice fishing really isn’t my thing. It’s good for Justin and I to have interests outside of each other. In fact, it’s perfectly healthy!

While Justin spends time with his folks, he also plans to take some time off of ice fishing to help figure out some of the items with our new house, including getting movers, carpet cleaners, and more lined up. We’ve got just over a week until we close on our house, so we’ve got a lot of packing to do before then!