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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

Pizza…and Pregnancy?

Sara: Over Thanksgiving vacation, I just FELT different. In addition to the absence of other biological signs, food simply didn’t sound or taste good. I suspected I might be pregnant, and told Justin such during the trip. We agreed if nothing changed, I would take a home pregnancy test when we got back home from North Dakota.

So, Saturday evening, after getting back into town, we stopped in at our local supercenter and picked up a frozen pizza for dinner and a pregnancy test. Justin made fun of me because I tried to see how I could hide the pregnancy test with the rest of our purchases so no one would know we were purchasing a pregnancy test – even though as married people, there’s no reason to be ashamed about expecting a child.

Finally, we got home, and I read all the directions and determined it was actually best to take the test first thing in the morning. So, after somewhat of a sleepless night for both of us, I woke up super early and took the test. I warned Justin the directions said it could take up to ten minutes to determine. So, after taking the test, we sat down on the bathroom floor to wait. No more than ten seconds later, the test came back positive: Justin and I are parents!

At first, it was really hard for both of us. For financial reasons, Justin and I were hoping to wait a few more months before conceiving. It took both Justin and me a bit to warm up to the excitement of having a child. Now, however, we’re so excited and grateful for this tiny life inside of me. I think finally telling our family and friends beginning around Christmas helped get us more excited. And, it didn’t hurt that my newborn niece stole my heart within ten minutes of meeting her.

Justin: I am not sure how I was expecting to feel when I found out we were having our first child, but I think the first emotion was worry. I think as a man, my mind immediately turned toward providing for my family. Am I going to be a good dad? How will we afford all of the costs of having a baby? How will we make the budget work if Sara and I decide that she will stay home after the baby? Waiting to tell our family was also somewhat difficult as it gave me more time to ponder all the logistics rather than focusing on sharing the joy of the experience.

The best part of the holidays has been sharing the news with our families. Their excitement has really ignited my excitement. Each passing day with them has made my anxiety level diminish.

I think my dad’s response was the best.

Rather than telling our parents, we wrapped up a pacifier and gave it to them as a Christmas gift. When my dad opened the package, he simply said, “I finally got something which I had on my Christmas list: a pregnant daughter-in-law!”

Sara: The second the pregnancy test came back positive, both of our worlds totally changed yet again. I’ve been thinking about decisions I need to make in terms of what’s best for baby – not simply what I want to do. I immediately cut back on junk food (which I never would have dreamed possible before baby). I eat more fruits and vegetables, and I sometimes have to try not to throw up when I smell certain foods or smells. This has made eating lunch with all of my colleagues very interesting, as sometimes their food smells gross to this pregnant nose. In the past, I thought pregnant women were making a big deal out of nothing. Now I know better.

Justin has been really great, helping with more of the cooking, cleaning, and other miscellaneous duties around the house and picking up the brunt of moving.

We found out about our baby the First Sunday of Advent. It’s been very neat to be pregnant during the Advent and Christmas seasons, as we hear about Mary’s pregnancy and the birth of Baby Jesus. I continue to pray that our baby will be safe, healthy, and warm and be granted eternal life. We were grateful to be able to share our news in person over the Christmas season with our families.

Justin and I are nervous about being parents. We appreciate your prayers for both us and our baby.