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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

Rainy Days and Mondays

Confession: I love rainy days. You know, the ones that everyone claims make them dark and depressed? There’s just something great about the way the rain rejuvenates the earth.

Sometimes, we all need a bit of relaxing so we’re ready and able to function in our normal lives. This weekend, Justin and I were blessed to be able to go visit my parents in Nebraska and have that opportunity– the first time we had seen them since we got married in June.

It was really great to see my mom and dad – and to be able to share the Cardinals winning the World Series together. I grew up watching the Cardinals play with my father, so it felt right to continue that tradition as the team played (and won!) game seven of the World Series.

In addition, I enjoyed seeing my mom. Due to busyness this past year, other than holidays, we really haven’t had much time together. It was nice to go when it was just Justin and I and my parents with no wedding to plan and no other big agenda.

I hadn’t realized how much marriage would help me relate better to my mom. When she talked about her life and about various things with the partnership between her and my dad, I think I truly got what she meant for the first time.

Justin and I really haven’t had as hard of a time adjusting to marriage (or at least that’s what he tells me!) as several of our friends have had. It just seems RIGHT for Justin and me to be roommates, and to work together as a team in getting dinner ready, doing dishes, and cleaning our apartment. As I spoke to my mom about these things, I realized more than I ever had before what a great example of marriage she and my dad are.

And I finally realized I’m “settled in” to my new life as a wife. We finally managed to get our extra wedding items (such as ribbon, extra tableware, and more) either put away or find a place in our apartment for them. This resulted in us FINALLY being able to see the floor in the second bedroom of our apartment. I realize I want to work harder to be content with the apartment we have, instead of simply dreaming about the home we may have one day.

This week, we also began to explore our Halloween and All Saints Day traditions. As a child, I remember always carving a pumpkin as a family. It was great fun to help make the design decisions. As we got older, we even got to help Dad carve the pumpkin. Since it was one of my favorite traditions as a child, Justin and I continued that tradition with our family this year. We (honestly, mainly Justin) carved a pumpkin. We were both very pleased at how well the pumpkin turned out. Justin had come up with a very unique design – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pumpkin with glasses before!

Since we live in an apartment, we didn’t have Trick-or-Treaters, but it was nice to have a quiet evening to ourselves. Perhaps next year we will have a house for us to welcome Trick-or-Treaters with candy.

All Saints Day was very nice as well. Since both Justin and I work during the day, we went to 7 pm Mass at our parish. Even though it was hard to leave the comfort of our home, it was great to be able to go to Mass together on a weeknight. Father Ron’s homily especially inspired me to ponder how Justin and I can better strive to become saints and how we can inspire our children to do likewise.