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For Your Marriage

Teachings about Catholic marriage from our Holy Father.

Reaffirming the Family

In a recent interview with Viva, an insert in El Clarin Argentinian Sunday newspaper, Pope Francis touched on now-familiar themes in regards to the family.

He spoke again of the importance of parents playing with their children (See also: Parents, Play With Your Children). In the interview, Pope Francis said that when he was in Buenos Aires, he would ask young mothers how often they play with their children. “It was an unexpected question,” he said. “It is hard. The parents go to work and come back when the children are asleep.”

The Holy Father also spoke again of the dignity of work as well as the priority of the family (See also: The Priority of the Family). He again stressed the importance of work-free Sundays, which should be spent with the family.

In addition, he spoke of the necessity of work for young people, saying that ways need to be found to help them find work. Without such opportunities and work, young people may fall into the danger of drug use or even suicide.

“I read the other day, but I do not telegraph it as a scientific fact, that there were 75 million young people under the age of 25 unemployed,” he said. The Pope suggested that teaching youth skilled work would allow them the “dignity of bringing home the bacon.”