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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.


God works in mysterious ways – and definitely not on the timeline Justin and I expect! As Gaudete Sunday approaches, Justin and I have been contemplating what God is calling us to rejoice in. Gaudete means rejoice! However, perhaps the most fun part of Gaudete Sunday is determining if the priest will wear “rose” (it’s still pink in my book) vestments. While we wait for the answer, here’s a few ways God has been working in our lives lately:

1. Recently, my colleagues and I decided to take twenty minutes each day and eat lunch together in the conference room. As in the past, we all bring our own food. It’s been amazing simply how much better communication is and how much more cohesive our staff is. Sharing a meal seems to be one of the best ways to bring people together – that’s why Justin and I make it a point to eat dinner together each night with the television off.

2. God is teaching me patience – especially having to wait until Christmas to see our month-old niece. I’m so excited for my sister and brother-in-law on the birth of their first child (and my parents’ first grandchild)!

3. Justin and I have begun more seriously looking at houses; we even have a realtor now! It’s neat to imagine ourselves living somewhere bigger than our two bedroom apartment. It makes me feel almost like a “grownup” to be thinking of owning a house.

4. Justin had the opportunity to talk to his college students about sex during one of his classes. Many of his students didn’t believe that abstinence is an option; Justin told them it was, in fact an option as we waited until we got married to act married.

5. We recently spent a lovely evening with another newlywed couple. It was really the first opportunity we had had to get together since our wedding in June and their wedding in October. It was especially fun to hear how both of us couples struggled with some of the same things – including (as the men mentioned) having so many more dishes to clean since they got married. Of course, us women were quick to add the cooking was better too!

Justin: That’s because I do most of the cooking!

6. I love having the season of Advent to center us before Christmas. As we mentioned in last week’s blog, we are seeking to slow down and reflect on Jesus throughout the season. It was really great to see a toy drive at my school that collected hundreds of toys for a great charity. These toys will be given through the agency to families that weren’t able to be adopted by an agency for Christmas. Without the generosity of our school families, these families helped wouldn’t have gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.

7. Justin’s alma mater, the University of Alabama. is playing in the National Championship game! We are so excited, and have already scheduled a watch party! Roll Tide!