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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

Wedding Week Fun

Sara: We’re married!!!

Justin: And married life is awesome!

Sara: Now that we’re back from our honeymoon, there’s so much to tell about our wedding week and the days that have followed. First, we’d like to publicly thank Fr. Matthew Rolling for his beautiful guest blog entry last week.

Our wedding week was a bit more stressful than I had imagined it would be. First, it took me longer than planned to finish up at work on Wednesday afternoon. Next, there were numerous “little” details we hadn’t had totally worked out – including when we could get into the hall. As Justin can attest, patience (and staying calm when plans change) is not always one of my strong points.

Thursday afternoon, however, was fairly relaxing. I got a manicure and pedicure (first ever, by the way) and just enjoyed the quiet time by myself. Following this appointment, I met my parents and my sister and brother-in-law. After they got checked into the hotel, the boys picked up their tuxes, and the girls went to the hair salon to meet our hair stylist. Following these errands, we met Justin and his family to grill out with hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats as our families met for the first time.

Friday morning was also relaxing, as most of the big errands had already been accomplished. Around 2 pm, our families and several friends met at our new place to take everything over at our local Knights of Columbus hall, where Justin is a member. We chilled the beer and set up tables. Then I took my dress to the church in plenty of time for rehearsal.

After assuring Fr. Ron we did in fact have our marriage license (we had been warned several times no license, no wedding), we started to greet our family and friends who had traveled from both near and far to be with us as we joined in the sacrament of marriage. Time kept clicking away, and our main celebrant, Fr. Rolling, was not there. Fr. Rolling is typically more than punctual, so we began to get concerned when he was not there and did not answer his cell phone. Finally, about five minutes before the rehearsal was to start, Fr. Rolling walked in with apologies. He had been stuck in construction on the route he had taken due to the flooding. After giving him a hard time about his “tardiness,” we gathered up all our wedding party and headed into the church to begin rehearsal.

Rehearsal was a lot of fun. I think I realized then that I was truly getting married the next day. I can’t truly describe the joy of having the people we love most in the world all in one place. Although many of them had never officially met, it seemed most became fast friends. Fr. Rolling was still a little frazzled during the rehearsal, however. I remember him asking Justin and I if we came freely and “with reservation” instead of without reservation. That was good for a laugh.

Following rehearsal and our rehearsal dinner, the girls began decorating the hall, and the boys went out for Justin’s bachelor party. I had so much fun with the gals as our planning for the past nine months came together. Around 10:30 pm, the girls kicked me out and told me it was time to go home. I needed my sleep, they told me.

So I dropped some members of Justin’s family at their hotel, and headed back to what would be our new place. I was so excited; I had trouble sleeping, as I knew I was getting married in the morning!

Stay tuned for information about our wedding day!