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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

Winning the Lottery

Sara: Recently, a nearly 300 million dollar lottery ticket was sold here in Missouri. Each day, I pass by that gas station where the winning ticket was sold on my journey to work. Since Justin and I don’t play the lottery, we obviously didn’t win. However, on Thursday afternoon, it was hard not to think about how I would spend nearly 300 million dollars if we had won!

I thought about all the facility work our parish needs, the upgrades our local Newman Center could use, and how we’d like to support additional missionary work. Then I thought about all the little ways our daily lives could change. We could spend the money to fly to see Justin’s folks for our next trip instead of attempting to drive with an infant. We could hire someone to mow the yard so Justin and I could have more time together. And perhaps we wouldn’t use the added expense of a babysitter as an excuse for Justin and me not to go on a date together.

When I came home, I joked with Justin that I should have stopped at that gas station and bought tickets. Perhaps then we’d be millionaires!

As the weekend progressed, I realized that in many ways, Justin and I have won the lottery. Last year, on the first Sunday of Advent, Justin and I first learned we were pregnant with Gus. We had no idea how much joy, laughter, and happiness one human being could bring to our lives.

Justin: When you think about it, the odds of getting Gus (not just having a baby, but Gus himself) with his unique personality and individuality are greater than winning the lottery. It is hard to imagine the number of occurrences that had to take place in order to bring Sara and me together. And how many people in each of our family trees had to say “yes” to God’s plan in order bring us into to the world and bring us together!

Part of the reason that each person is bestowed with such great human dignity is that we each beat the odds. Each human life is a miracle!

Sara: I never would have imagined how even the gross tasks like changing a dirty diaper could all be worth it with one huge smile from Gus. He has truly taught me how to be more selfless – especially at four o’clock in the morning when Gus wakes up hungry and I only have one more hour of sleep before it’s time to get up for work. As strange as it sounds, I wouldn’t change motherhood or having Gus for anything – including a multi-million dollar jackpot. And, if we had won the jackpot, Justin and I would have to sacrifice less for our family, so chances are we may not grow as much in holiness. And, after further reflection, I’d rather be rich on love than rich on money!