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New Subtitled Spanish Film on the Unique Meaning of Marriage

New Subtitled Spanish Film on the Unique Meaning of Marriage

A new Spanish-language film (with English subtitles) from the USCCB illustrates through a dramatic plotline the beauty of lifelong married love between a man and a woman. Take a look!

This Is My Body

This Is My Body

Did you know that husband and wife are the ministers of the sacrament of marriage? In this reflection, Josh Noem writes about what it means to live out the sacrament of marriage in daily life, and how that leads to true freedom. “Marriage and family life is a way for us to give our lives over to love 349 ways every day, and it gives us glimpses of heaven every single day too.”

Married Saint of the Month: Bl. Ceferino Gimenez Malla

December’s Saint of the Month is Bl. Ceferino Gimenez Malla. A married layman from Spain, Ceferino and his wife Teresa had no children of their own but adopted Teresa’s niece. Ceferino had a reputation for holiness and died defending a Catholic priest from soldiers.

Married Saint of the Month: St. Elizabeth of Hungary

November’s Saint of the Month is St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Married at a young age, St. Elizabeth and her husband Louis enjoyed an exceptionally happy marriage. St. Elizabeth endured the death of her husband and was renowned for her works of charity. She died at age 24.

Two Great Feasts: All Saints and All Souls

Two Great Feasts: All Saints and All Souls

On the first two days of November, the Church celebrates two great feasts: All Saints Day (November 1) and All Souls Day (November 2). How are these feasts linked, and what does it mean to remember our beloved dead?

Why Do Catholics Pray for the Dead?

Why Do Catholics Pray for the Dead?

During the month of November Catholics traditionally pray for deceased family members and friends. What do we believe these prayers can accomplish?

Married Saints of the Month: Blessed Louis & Zelie Martin

Did you know that the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux, whose feast we celebrate October 1st, have been beatified? Louis and Zelie Martin exemplified faith, hope, and love in their marriage and family life. They suffered the loss of four children and a rebellious daughter, but their trust in God and love for each other stayed strong.

Life Matters:  Explaining the Reality of Marriage to Family And Friends

Life Matters: Explaining the Reality of Marriage to Family And Friends

October is Respect Life Month. William B. May recalls the importance of marriage between one man and one woman as the best environment to raise a child and notes that marriage best prepares couples to be parents.

Married Saint of the Month: Frederic Ozanam

Bl. Frederic Ozanam is best known for founding the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which now serves the poor in 148 countries. But through his marriage to Amelie, he proved the axiom, “Charity starts at home.” On the 23rd of every month, Bl. Frederic gave Amelie flowers, in remembrance of their wedding on June 23, 1841.

Married Saint of the Month: St. Jane Frances de Chantal

St. Jane Frances de Chantal is probably best known for her great spiritual friendship with St. Francis de Sales, with whom she founded the Visitation sisters. Before that, however, St. Jane was a happily married wife and mother who successfully ran a large estate.

Married Saint of the Month: Blessed Franz Jagerstatter (1907-1943)

The Second World War produced several saints; one of them was Blessed Franz Jagerstatter, husband, father and Austrian conscientious objector.

Why Marry in the Catholic Church?

Why Marry in the Catholic Church?

If you’re thinking about getting married, you’re probably also thinking about where to have the ceremony. John Bosio, author of three books on marriage, explains why marrying in the Catholic Church can have a positive impact on the rest of your married life.

Married Saint of the Month: Thomas More

Thomas More is one of the better known married saints. We remember him for defending the institution of marriage with his life and living the marital relationship faithfully and fruitfully.

Married Saint of the Month: St. Rita of Cascia

Most of the saints in this series enjoyed marriages that were happy and peaceful. St. Rita of Cascia did not. Learn how her patience and persistence were rewarded.

Married Saint of the Month: St. Gianna Molla

Our Married Saint of the Month series continues with a 20th century model of holiness. St. Gianna Molla, a doctor and mother of four, made a parent’s ultimate sacrifice: giving up her life for the life of her child.

Easter as a Season

Easter as a Season

Many people think of Easter as one day, but Catholic teaching emphasizes that Easter is a whole season. It’s a time to ponder the Risen Christ’s continued presence in the world.

Married Saint of the Month: Blessed Peter To Rot

This month our series on married saints features Blessed Peter To Rot, a lay catechist who ministered during the Japanese invasion of Papua New Guinea.

The Pope’s Resignation: What Happens Next?

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has raised lots of questions: How will the new Pope be chosen? What will happen during the transition? What were the highlights of his papacy? Check here for helpful resources that answer these and other concerns.

Married Saint of the Month: Blessed Giuseppe Tovini

Not every saint exudes great charisma or accomplishes heroic works. Blessed Giuseppe Tovini achieved sanctity by fulfilling the ordinary duties of husband, father and citizen.

Married Saint of the Month: Elizabeth Ann Seton

This year, as part of Catholic 101, we begin a new series called “Married Saint of the Month.” We’ll feature a man or woman who responded to God’s call to holiness through the vocation of marriage. Our series begins with Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born canonized saint.

The New Year

The New Year

Fr. Rice writes: “It seems odd that we haven’t had better success with a Christian celebration for the New Year. It’s a time that is ripe for introspection and personal renewal, out with the old year, and in with the new.”

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are a time-honored way to help children–and parents–count down the days until Christmas. Check out the Family Resource Calendar, a new resource developed especially for the Year of Faith.

What is a Synod?

What is a Synod?

This month representatives of the world’s Catholic bishops are meeting in Rome to discuss the New Evangelization. The meeting is called a synod, and it’s an important event in the life of the Church.

Families and the Year of Faith

Pope Benedict XVI has called for a Year of Faith starting October 11. It’s a wonderful opportunity to deepen one’s personal faith, as well as renew the faith life of the family. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Who Are the Franciscans?

On October 4 the Church celebrates the feast of Francis of Assisi, one of the best-known and beloved saints. His spiritual descendants include communities of men and women all over the world.

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