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A O River!

Stacey admits that she and Josh are pretty intense competitors. Recently they joined forces to compete in the Urban Adventure Games. How did their personal adventure turn out?

Of Dogs and ‘Tweens

Different children require different types of parenting. Josh is learning to relate to his and Stacey’s oldest child so that he feels heard. And then there’s that wicked sense of humor…

Prioritizing God

A relationship needs time and attention to flourish; this is no less true for our relationship with God. How do you know if you are finding enough time for God in your life? Stacey, a working mother and professional lay minister, shares how she makes sure to give enough time to God.

Flogging a Lifeless Horse

Josh identifies a common communication pattern that often drives conflict between men and women. He offers some simple advice to keep the conflict from escalating.

Another Difference?!

Trying to negotiate schedules and time-management after the move is a challenge to Josh and Stacey. But, underlying this challenge is a valuable opportunity to grow as spouses and as people, Stacey says.

A two-phone family

New circumstances mean that Josh now needs to have a cell phone. He doesn’t want to get sucked in by too much “screen time” and discusses his perspective on staying present to his family.

A Pair of Fatties

Stacey and Josh are finding that extra pounds don’t disappear as fast as they once did. It’s time to be more intentional about watching what they eat.

God is faithful

Six months after the big move from Oregon to Indiana, Josh looks back on the risks he and Stacey took in order to do what they believed to be God’s will for their family.

Our Commission

At the beginning of this season of graduations – and farewells – Stacey reflects on surrender and discernment through the Gospel of John.


Bedtime stories are a favorite tradition in the Noem household. Josh writes, “In the Little House on the Prairie series, I’m finding an avenue to develop a moral imagination with our kids—the capacity to wonder about how their lives might be different.”

Theological Imagination

Our relationships with our children can shed light on our relationship with God. Stacey offers some thought-provoking examples.

The Hardest Thing About Marriage

Happy 14th Anniversary, Josh and Stacey! Josh reflects on a question he was asked many years ago about marriage. Would he answer the same way today?


In a marriage, it’s the little things that say “I love you.” Stacey talks about a long-standing Saturday morning ritual that says just that.

Every Day Is Day One

With Stacey’s new job, she and Josh no longer share the same context for their life together. Josh observes: “For the first time in a long time, we have to work on building that sense of togetherness intentionally. We have to set aside time just to catch up on the ins and outs, the hows and whys.”

Rocket: Rights and Responsibilities

Josh and Stacey have acquired a dog and the children are thrilled. They’re also learning to “grasp fully the complexity of a relationship where another living being depends on them for his livelihood and thriving.”

The Biggest Mistake We’ve Ever Made

Josh and Stacey have finally found a buyer for their house in Oregon. But with the deal about to close, a major hitch develops. Will God show them a way through all this?


As the Church prepares to celebrate the feast of the ordained priesthood on Holy Thursday, Stacey reflects on the priesthood of all the faithful. She writes: “I have a priestly sacrifice to prepare in tending to this week’s details of family life and bearing hardships patiently.”

Working 9 to 5

Not only has Stacey started a new job, but it’s the first time she’s worked a regular 9-to-5 schedule. This means she doesn’t see the children as much, and she needs to develop a new set of mothering skills. Is she up to the challenge?


What does it take to create a home? Josh finds that it’s more than checking items off a “to-do” list. Ultimately, he says, it’s about the quality of relationships within the family.

Love Is a Verb

A year ago Stacey saw a t-shirt that read “Be Intentional. Love is a Verb.” She reflects: “It is not enough for me to love others the way I FEEL like loving them in a given moment. I need to love others the way that THEY feel love.” Stacey explains how this applies to everyday life.

My Week as a Homeless Parent

Josh and Stacey have said goodbye to Portland and made the week-long trek to their new home in South Bend. Josh reflects on the meaning of home and how God has called the family to be here.

The Sex Talk

With contraception in the news these days, Josh offers an alternative perspective that is built around the vocabulary of fertility.

The Capacity of God’s Love

How much does God love us? Stacey offers an insight, gained from her experience as a parent.

Godzilla’s Rampage

Josh is fuming after neighborhood pranksters wrecked the snowman that he and the kids built. He’s all set for revenge–until his thoughts take a decidedly different turn.

Liberation Dance

The stress of trying to sell their house is getting to Josh and Stacey. Then Stacey finds an unexpected way to bring a little joy and laughter to their situation.

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