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A Citizen of the Nation, a Citizen of Heaven

As Oscar prepares to vote in his class’s mock election, Josh offers some wise guidance. He observes: “The new task of parenting a middle-schooler became clear to me: we have to form him in a way that will allow him to form his own conscience.”

A Parent’s Prayer

Stacey admits she’s been a step off her game recently, not able to engage the children as fully as she would like. The answer? She shares a prayer that she’s found helpful.

Rusty Statuary and Living Images

Josh likes to think of himself as the strong, silent type, but after a serious conversation with Stacey, he realizes that this image had to change. He talks about the need to let it go.

Accomplished or Saintly?

Most parents have certain aspirations for their children, which don’t always take into account the child’s unique personality and interests. Stacey notes: “It is more important that my children know they are loved and valued regardless of what they do or how they perform.”

Cakes and Cursing

Josh finds a lot to like about the popular show “Cake Boss,” including its emphasis on family values. But he’s learning to monitor some less than desirable language.

Football On The Home Field

It’s football season and Josh is loving every minute of it. But can he also tackle his responsibilities at home?

What Do I Know?

This week Stacey springs a “pop quiz” on readers: How much do you know about the essentials of the Catholic faith? It’s a good question as we prepare for the Year of Faith, which starts next month.

Home Economics

Money and finances can be a source of tension in a marriage. Josh shares one simple change he and Stacey have recently made that has helped their financial situation and eased the tension.

Moms and Daughters

Five-year-old Lucy is definitely a Mama’s girl, but Stacey knows this stage probably won’t last. She reflects on the complicated relationship between moms and daughters.

My Subordinate Wife

Josh notes that the recent Sunday Mass reading from Ephesians offers material for pillow-talk between spouses: “Wives should be subordinate to their husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is head of his wife.” He reflects on what this passage means for his own marriage.

“The Talk”

It’s a moment many parents dread: having “the sex talk” with their child. Stacey describes what happened when she raises the topic with pre-teen Oscar.


Stacey’s away this week, so Josh is taking care of the kids and baking treats! He finds sweetness in more than just the taste of the cookies.

Swimming Lesson Showdown

Josh writes, “Simon is like a pair of Chinese handcuffs—those woven tubes you put your fingers in. The harder you try to pull them out, the tighter they squeeze.” Read about the latest challenge.

A O River!

Stacey admits that she and Josh are pretty intense competitors. Recently they joined forces to compete in the Urban Adventure Games. How did their personal adventure turn out?

Of Dogs and ‘Tweens

Different children require different types of parenting. Josh is learning to relate to his and Stacey’s oldest child so that he feels heard. And then there’s that wicked sense of humor…

Prioritizing God

A relationship needs time and attention to flourish; this is no less true for our relationship with God. How do you know if you are finding enough time for God in your life? Stacey, a working mother and professional lay minister, shares how she makes sure to give enough time to God.

Flogging a Lifeless Horse

Josh identifies a common communication pattern that often drives conflict between men and women. He offers some simple advice to keep the conflict from escalating.

Another Difference?!

Trying to negotiate schedules and time-management after the move is a challenge to Josh and Stacey. But, underlying this challenge is a valuable opportunity to grow as spouses and as people, Stacey says.

A two-phone family

New circumstances mean that Josh now needs to have a cell phone. He doesn’t want to get sucked in by too much “screen time” and discusses his perspective on staying present to his family.

A Pair of Fatties

Stacey and Josh are finding that extra pounds don’t disappear as fast as they once did. It’s time to be more intentional about watching what they eat.

God is faithful

Six months after the big move from Oregon to Indiana, Josh looks back on the risks he and Stacey took in order to do what they believed to be God’s will for their family.

Our Commission

At the beginning of this season of graduations – and farewells – Stacey reflects on surrender and discernment through the Gospel of John.


Bedtime stories are a favorite tradition in the Noem household. Josh writes, “In the Little House on the Prairie series, I’m finding an avenue to develop a moral imagination with our kids—the capacity to wonder about how their lives might be different.”

Theological Imagination

Our relationships with our children can shed light on our relationship with God. Stacey offers some thought-provoking examples.

The Hardest Thing About Marriage

Happy 14th Anniversary, Josh and Stacey! Josh reflects on a question he was asked many years ago about marriage. Would he answer the same way today?

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