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Is Marriage Overrated? Not for Children

Recent headlines would have people believe that marriage is no better than cohabitation. Not so, says a leading researcher. Children are much better off with married parents because their relationship is more stable.

Maine Bishop Issues Letter on Greatness of Marriage

In Maine, a same-sex marriage referendum will be on the ballot in November. A similar referendum was defeated in 2009. The state’s bishop has said that more education is needed about the meaning of marriage and has written a pastoral letter.

Same-Sex Marriage Headed for State Ballots and Supreme Court

Activity in the states around same-sex marriage is heating up. Read what’s happening from California and Washington to New Jersey and Maryland.

Young Adults Remain Optimistic About Their Future

A new report finds that, despite economic challenges, young adults ages 18 to 34 are happy with their lives. They agree with older generations that family comes first and career second. Being a good parent and having a successful marriage are important life goals for this cohort.

Why “Date Nights” Matter

Many married couples look forward to their date nights and agree that time by themselves helps their marriage. A new report identifies five benefits of date nights. It says that couples who enjoy high-quality time together can head off divorce.

This Lent, Try a Little Silence

Can silence be “an essential part of communication?” It seems contradictory, but Pope Benedict points out that, among other benefits, silence can enhance what we say to each other.

What Happens to Commitment When the Going Gets Rough?

It’s easy to be committed to a marriage when it’s meeting your needs. But what happens when you’re not getting what you want out of a relationship? Researchers discover a “second dimension” of commitment that can keep the marriage afloat.

Australian Bishops Urge Couples Towards “Smart Loving”

The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference encourages married couples to use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to affirm marriage and life-long romantic love. They urge couples to practice “smart loving,” that is, knowing the way one’s spouse likes and needs to be loved.

Marital Love Needs to be Other-Focused

Many church leaders believe that individualism runs against the grain of marriage. One problem, they say, is that it fosters a focus on oneself. While spouses need to grow as individuals and as a couple, the hope is that they will grow with and through each other.

Want to Spend Time Together? Try Working on Your Budget.

For most couples, preparing the family budget is a chore. One financial writer suggests another perspective: It’s a good way for husband and wife to spend some quality time alone with each other.

Finding Happiness as Married Parents

Do you want to be happy as a couple and as parents? A new report finds that wedded bliss is often found by embracing an “ethic of generosity.” Generosity expressed through small actions appears to boost men’s and women’s chances of successfully combining marriage and parenthood.

Several Factors Contribute to Declining Marriage Rate

New research finds that the U.S. marriage rate continues to decline, dropping by five percent from 2009 to 2010. What’s behind these startling statistics?

What Does a 2011 Father Do?

Thirty years ago it was rare to see a stay-at-home Dad. These days it’s a common feature of marriage and parenthood. Even the experts don’t know where trends are heading, but we do know that fathers are more involved than ever in child care.

Taking Work Home in an Unpleasant Way

Do you assume that a supervisor’s influence is limited to the workplace? A new study finds that abusive supervision can cause the employee to take stress home, creating tension and conflict within the family.

Pope Benedict: Equal Dignity of Wives and Husbands

In a recent document, Pope Benedict urges Catholics in Africa to recognize and appreciate the contributions of women to family life and to the life of the Church.

Parents Have Big Influence on Teens’ Online Behavior

A new study from the Pew Research Center finds that many parents are successfully influencing their teens’ online behavior. In addition, many teens understand the dangers of acting naively on recklessly when online.

Change in British Law Will Allow Monarchs to Marry Catholics

England will soon change a law that has stood since the 16th century. How does this relate to marriage? The change in the law will allow members of the British royal family to marry Catholics.

A Second Chance for Divorcing Couples

A new research report says that many divorces are preventable, and children and society could benefit if these couples had a second chance.

How Materialism Harms a Marriage

A new research study finds that a couple’s attitudes towards money, not always money itself, can stress a marriage. Read how materialism can hurt a marriage and who is most at risk.

Bishops Address Threats to Religious Liberty

Threats to religious liberty in the United States are mounting, say the nation’s Catholic Bishops. Examples include mandated coverage of contraception and sterilization in insurance plans, conscience protection for charitable workers, and efforts to redefine marriage.

How Couples Recover From the Day’s Stresses

Balancing home and work is a major issue for most couples.But how they manage their work within the home can have long-term effects on each spouse’s health.

How Stress Can Help a Marriage

New research finds that stress in a marriage may not be all bad. A couple who successfully handles moderate stresses early in a marriage can be better prepared for major stresses later on.

Archbishop Dolan Asks President Obama to Defend Marriage

The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, is asking President Obama to end the administration’s campaign against the federal law that defines marriage as the union of a man and woman.

Pope Asks Priests and Married Couples to Support Each Other

The vocations of married couples and priests are different, yet complementary and harmonious, Pope Benedict XVI said Sept. 11 in a speech in the Adriatic port city of Ancona, Italy. He encouraged priests and married couples to esteem “each other’s charism.”

Archbishop Dolan Asks Bishops to Speak Out on the Economic Crisis

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has challenged his fellow bishops to preach, educate, and advocate for the poor and the jobless. His call was prompted by a new Census Bureau report that shows significant increases in the poverty rate.

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