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The End of the Beginning

Join us in saying goodbye to Sarah as she writes her last blog entry. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your life with us over the past two and a half years. God bless you and your family!

The Beginning of the End

As the blog nears its end on this site, Sarah offers a list of her favorite entries. Next week: Sarah says farewell to her readers.

Being an Old Married Couple

Charlie’s teething has caused a temporary change in sleeping arrangements, leading Sarah to wonder when a couple stops being “newly married.”


Have Sarah and Daniel made any resolutions for the New Year? Read Sarah’s latest blog entry to find out.

Charlie’s First Christmas

Sarah reports on celebrating Christmas with Charlie for the first time – her first Christmas as a mother!

For Lo! The Days Are Hastening On

Sarah hears a homily about learning to cultivate a sense of longing for God. She resolves to make some time for longing this week, even as pre-Christmas activities crowd the calendar.

Just Life

As Christmas approaches, Sarah’s life is a mixture of the routine and the new. Life with a six-month old is always an adventure!

Sweet Normalcy

Sarah reflects on being “settled down.”

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… almost

Sarah looks forward to the first holiday season with Charlie!

No “I” in “Team”

“I love being parents with you,” I whispered as I snuggled up next to Daniel in bed and laid my head on his right shoulder.  Daniel laughed.  With his left hand he was rocking the cradle beside our bed in a desperate attempt to get our son to go back to sleep.  It was 5:30 […]

Thy Will Be Done

Sarah and Daniel wrestle with the question that confronts all new parents: Who will take care of our child if something happens to us?

A Different Kind of October

Sarah compares her life now with her life at this time last year. Also, read about little Charlie’s latest accomplishments.

Living for Today

Read what happens when Sarah and Daniel leave Charlie with his first babysitters. Also, Sarah muses about the future and the need to live in the present.

Writer’s Block

Charlie is turning Sarah into a morning person! Read Sarah’s update as Charlie turns four months old.

My Vocation

Daniel pointed out to me the other day that my blog seems to have become more about Charlie than about our marriage. He wasn’t saying this as a criticism, he clarified, but merely as an observation. My response was, in a nutshell, “No kidding!”

Charlie puts on Christ!

Sunday was a perfectly lovely day, with Charlie baptized during noon mass at our parish by the same priest that officiated at our wedding (which we didn’t know about beforehand, so it was a nice surprise) and a reception with our family and close friends in the church social hall afterwards. Charlie was very well-behaved […]

Fighting for Life

Last week Daniel and I were asked to be the pro-life chaircouple for our parish’s Knights of Columbus council, and we accepted the position.


I was that lady this week, for the first time ever. The lady with the crying baby and a gazillion coupons in the grocery store checkout line.

Settling Into Fall

Last Friday I was pleasantly surprised by scrambled eggs, a strawberry banana smoothie, coffee, and chocolate cheerios (yum!) in bed. Okay, part of that was a lie. It was my birthday, so I was actually expecting it… but that didn’t make it any less pleasant!

Pop Goes Perfection

Sarah muses on her to-do lists and the many tasks that remain undone. Can she let go of the need to be the perfect wife, mother and homemaker?

Rejoining the World

Charlie had his first babysitter on Sunday. Daniel and I had several errands to run, and we figured it would be much faster if we went together and much easier if we didn’t take him with us, so we dropped him off for my mom to babysit him.

Time Marches On

It’s official: Two skinny people can have a very large baby. Charlie had his two month check-up this week; he measured in at 24 inches long and 16 pounds 3 ounces, which means that he has gained seven pounds and one ounce in exactly nine weeks.

What I Want for My Son

Most parents say they want their children to be happy. But what does that mean? Sarah reflects on what she wants for Charlie.

Wouldn’t change a thing

As I write this, Charlie is sitting contentedly in his kick and play bouncy seat watching me. I’ve been finding myself with less free time as he spends more and more time awake and alert during the day, but at least he is happy to sit still for a while.

Loves and Misses

I love babies; I always have.  I love how perfectly peaceful they look when they sleep.  I love the dozens of faces they make while they’re dreaming.  I love wondering what they could possibly be dreaming about at such a young age.  I love their tiny noses, fingers, and eyelashes.  I love their chubby cheeks […]

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