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Giving “Happily Ever After” a Chance

I wonder how Cinderella felt after she and Prince Charming had been married for two months. That’s how long it’s been for Daniel and me now—two whole months. I guess you could say we are still in the honeymoon phase of our marriage, even though our honeymoon trip only lasted one week. That’s not to […]

Weekend plans–or not

I am really looking forward to this weekend. The past couple of weekends have been pretty busy for Daniel and me—two weekends ago we stayed with my younger cousins while my uncle and aunt went on a trip to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. We had a lot of fun there, first of all because […]

Being Married

Now it’s time to catch you up on the last month and a half, the first month and a half of Daniel’s and my married life together (since it’s taken me that long just to tell you about the wedding weekend!). I absolutely love being married. I love getting to see Daniel every single day […]

Weekend Wedding – Part 5

Being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hammond to a room full of everyone we love was an amazing experience. The deejay played instrumental music that made it sound like we had just won a game show or something, but in a good way. We walked through the door, grinning brightly. The room looked even […]

Wedding Weekend: Part 4

Our wedding Mass was beautiful. My nervousness didn’t entirely disappear, but it definitely got easier as soon as I took Daniel’s hand to walk to our seats. I had been worried that I would be too anxious to pay attention and pray during the liturgy, but that didn’t end up being a problem at all. […]

Wedding Weekend: Part 3, The Big Day!

When the alarm on my cell phone went off at 6:10 on Saturday morning, I sat up immediately and swung my feet to the floor. I didn’t hit snooze at all, which was a surprise to both me and my friends even though it was my wedding day. I showered, brushed my teeth, and put […]

Wedding Weekend: Part 2

Just to let you know since some of you are wondering, there is going to be a wedding photo album posted on here very soon—I think by this time next week. Daniel and I are anxiously awaiting the photographer’s pictures ourselves! As for today, I hope none of you are bored by the fact that […]

“Hitched” Without a Hitch!

I know, I know, that’s really dorky—but since I thought of it I just had to use it! First of all, I would like to thank Caroline and Leanna for the beautiful entry they wrote last week while I was away—I’ve read it myself at least five times through. I love hearing about the day […]

A Beautiful Catholic Wedding

While Sarah and Daniel are on their honeymoon, this blog entry is co-written by Caroline, Sarah’s roommate/friend/coworker, and Leeanna, Sarah’s friend/coworker. Most of this entry is written from their joint perspective, with individual observations as noted. Sarah and Daniel’s wedding day was absolutely beautiful, and even the weather held up when it needed to. Every […]

The Wait Is Over

I’m getting married tomorrow! And I don’t have much time to write this, so pardon my brevity (honestly, I’m rather surprised that I just used a word like “brevity” at a time like this). I am so excited, but so nervous right now, which I’m sure you could have figured if you have been reading […]

At the End of the Day…

I am getting married in a week and one day. And I am insanely happy. I’m also a little bit sad, but only a little bit—mainly in a sentimental, nostalgic kind of way. I will only be Sarah B for one more week. Still, I’m mostly happy. But tell me to cry, right now, and […]

May Is Here!

I’m getting married this month! Everything is coming together fairly well, but of course there is still plenty to do in the next two weekends. Our problem right now is our honeymoon… which we booked a few months ago for an all-inclusive resort along the Riviera Maya in Mexico. And of course you all know […]

Holding On to Our Senses

“She appears to have taken leave of her senses.” The above phrase would typically be taken to mean that “she,” whoever she might be, has gone crazy or is displaying irrational behavior in some way or another. However, it could also take on a rather different meaning. It seems to be a common expectation that […]

“A Month Hardly Counts for Anything, Right?”

As I am writing this on Thursday, there is exactly one month left until the wedding. Thirty days. Four weeks and one day, plus about twenty hours. Daniel and I got engaged on April 20, 2007. That was 108 weeks, one day, and about eighteen hours before our wedding. Of course, we didn’t know that […]

Dressing for the Occasion

The response cards are coming in, filling my parents’ mailbox, and I have been diligently marking people off on my invitation address spreadsheet as they come. And there are only five weeks left! Our friends’ wedding last weekend really made me all the more excited for mine. The whole evening was lovely, and the bride […]

Another Lesson Learned

The invitations are out! Daniel and I joked as we drove away from the post office that we really have to get married now. Everyone’s going to show up—it’s official. I spent all of my free time last week printing, punching out, and assembling invitations, response cards, and reception cards, as well as searching for […]

The Shower

I had been reassured countless times by my family and friends that “you’ll be fine,” and “you’re going to have so much fun.” Nonetheless, I arrived at my bridal shower last Saturday feeling extremely tense, having allowed my nervousness to slowly build in the week leading up to the day itself. Marie, my maid of […]

58 Days Left

“Time is making fools of us again.” To those who are Harry Potter fans like myself, you may know that I quote that incredibly wise old wizard, Albus Dumbledore. I tend to be quite impressed with the words that J.K. Rowling puts in this particular character’s mouth. In any event, I find this quote coming […]

Moving Right Along

This Saturday is going to be all wedding planning all day. Daniel and I will be driving up to look at the chapel and reception site with my mom and my sisters Rose and Jane. This is so that we can start thinking more about what we need in the way of decorations for both […]

To Know by Heart

I, Sarah, take you, Daniel, to be my husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.Come to think of it, when the Rite of Marriage says “I, N., take you, N., […]

Preparing for Marriage with Lent

Lent has begun. This is the time of year that I really try to put some extra effort into growing in faith and conforming my life to Christ. This Lent, Daniel and I are both giving up all television. I’m also planning on saying a daily Rosary, and Daniel and I are going to add […]

The Rings

I’ve got a serious case of wedding-on-the-brain… and it seems to be getting worse by the day. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I’ve got my to-do list running through my head like the credits on the screen at the end of a movie. Talk about distracting! It seems as though I […]

Best Friends

Who is your best friend? If you are married, engaged, or even just “engaged to be engaged,” I hope that you would say that the reason you want to spend the rest of your life with this person is because he is your best friend (or she, I’m just speaking from the woman’s perspective here). […]

Living in Different Time Zones

I was just looking at the “Do you operate in different marital time zones?” quiz on, and it got me thinking, although not exactly about the content of the quiz itself. My thoughts took a different direction. Here we go: I get grumpy when Daniel falls asleep when we are “supposed to be” spending […]

Keeping It All in Focus

I had a little bit of a panic attack last night. This is because I suddenly realized that this week is the end of January. May 16 keeps getting closer and closer, and my list of things to do doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller. Daniel’s winter break from classes is now over, and […]

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