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Summer Goals

A friend’s unexpected visit makes Justin and Sarah realize how much they enjoy–and need–outside company. Read how they decide to broaden their world.


As 2014 begins, Sara and Justin say a heartfelt “goodbye” to their blog readers and share their favorite posts from the past three years. The For Your Marriage website is grateful for all they’ve contributed and wishes them all the best in future endeavors!

Sex Ed

Justin teaches a health class to college students, and at the end of the semester the topic of sexually transmitted diseases is covered. He writes here that he hopes to show the students that chastity really does lead to happiness.

Tis the Season

Advent is here. Sara and Justin write about their efforts to truly celebrate Advent and not jump right into the Christmas season. They say small things matter: the Advent wreath and celebrating saints in Advent, for starters.

Black Friday

“As Christians we are called to a certain level of detachment,” writes Justin. That can be a hard virtue to practice on Good Friday…or when your beloved football team loses in the last play of the game to your arch rival! Advent is a great time to evaluate our attachments, material and otherwise.

Restaurant Nightmare

After a disastrous “eating out” experience, Justin and Sara talk about how it’s too easy to settle for low standards instead of striving for excellence – a principle that applies to family life as well as restaurants.

Couple Time

How do you make time for your spouse? Is time together a priority in your relationship? Sara and Justin reflect on the value of setting aside time just to be together.

Having a Plan

Do you thrive on routine, or love being spontaneous? Sara and Justin write about the importance of routine to their marriage and family life: “I am convinced that our routine is the key to thriving as persons and maintaining the balance we need in our family.”

Another Announcement?

Now that their son is over a year old, Sara and Justin are getting questions from relatives about when they’ll be sharing another “announcement.” Reflecting on this, Sara writes that while she would love to welcome another child into their family, she knows that that’s ultimately up to God and His timing. “We’re called to discern God’s will for our family,” she writes, and find ways to serve Him and others in the here and now.

Making Friends

Sara writes about Gus’s new skill…being a witness to life! On a recent trip to a college campus, “Gus spread his joy to people that I never would have been able to talk to by myself.” Sara says that the joy Gus brings to people can remind young men and women of the goodness of all human life.

Money Talk

An unexpected medical expense gives Sara and Justin a chance to increase their trust in God. They also realize that they’ve grown a lot in their marriage and can handle sudden challenges better now.

My Legacy

What will your legacy be? Sara reflects here on the “little moments” of sacrifice for the good of her husband and son. “While small, these are tasks of monumental importance because it is through them that I will leave my legacy.”

Building Relationships

“Lately, I’ve noticed myself becoming dissatisfied with Facebook,” writes Sara. “If I want to make a difference in the world, I need to think smaller…I need to focus on the people I encounter in person on a regular basis.”

Spreading the Good News

Sara is in training to join the Adult Faith Formation team at her parish. In this post, Sara and Justin reflect on discipleship and evangelization, and how they are at the heart of parish life.

Saying “No” to Good Things (Part 2)

Last week Sara and Justin talked about saying “no” to good things. This week, they reflect on the relevance that concept has for the Catholic practice of fasting and/or making a sacrifice on Fridays.

Saying “No” to Good Things

Saying “yes” to time for your marriage and family could mean saying “no” to good things, as Sara and Justin write about here. As Fall begins, with increased activities for many families, their advice is timely.

More, Please!

Gus has learned how to make the sign for “more.” His growing communication skills remind Sara and Justin of the importance of communicating clearly in marriage, especially during times of stress or strong emotions.


Gus has graduated from “baby” to “toddler” and is starting to do things he shouldn’t. Sara says: “Part of my responsibility as a mother is to teach Gus there are consequences for our actions.”

Gus’ Participation

Can a one year old really participate in Mass? You might be surprised!

How Many Is Too Many?

An article in ESPN the Magazine prompts Justin to reflect on our society’s view of children. As a new Dad, how does he feel about fatherhood? How many children are too many?

Happy Birthday, Gus!

Gus has just turned one year old! Sara reflects on the surprises–and the fun–that Gus has brought into her life.

For Your Own Good

Gus has gotten himself into a dangerous situation, and Sara and Justin must work quickly to help him. After recovering from their momentary panic they reflect on lessons learned.

Home Improvement

Sara and Justin enjoy watching home makeover shows, but their own taste runs more towards the functional and comfortable. Read how they’ve de-cluttered this summer–and how they used the extra cash.

Lost Coupon Organizer

Sara has lost her coupon organizer–a minor household disaster! She knows it will turn up, but when and where? Her experience prompts some reflections about lost sheep.

Kitchen Nightmare

What do restaurants and marriages have in common? Justin learns a lesson from top chef Gordon Ramsey: Both succeed only when those involved recognize their faults and make an effort to improve.

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