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Are We There Yet?

Sara is not looking forward to a 10-hour drive to visit Justin’s parents. But she realizes the importance of giving both sets of grandparents the opportunity to get to know Gus.

Losing Patience

Justin has been experiencing one of the frustrations of a new parent – an inconsolable baby in the wee hours of the morning. Reflecting on this humbling experience, brings him to a new way of thinking while comforting Gus.

Discerning God’s Call

Sara writes, “Once upon a time, I thought that once Justin and I discerned we were called to marriage with each other, I thought our discerning days would be over. We may not exactly live “happily ever after” but our hard decisions would be behind us.”

Church of the Home

What does it mean to be the “domestic church”–the church of the home? Justin and Sara offer some practical ideas for the Advent and Christmas season.

Winning the Lottery

Each day Sara passes by the gas station where a $300 million lottery ticket was sold. She muses on what she and Justin could do with all that money, then reflects that they’ve already hit the lottery with Gus.

Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving gives Sara an opportunity to enjoy her new niece and for Gus to entertain the grandparents. Sara reflects: “We need to place value on family time, not just as the three of us, but also with our extended family.”

We Believe

Justin reflects, “This week our parish invited me to come speak to our RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) class about the Creed. It was a real blessing because it forced me to take a fresh look at our fundamental beliefs and renewed my sense of wonder about the mysteries of our faith.”

Enjoying Marriage and Fatherhood

Justin discusses some of the attitudes towards marriage and parenthood he meets as he goes about his day-to-day business.

Back in the Saddle

Sara returns to work after maternity leave. How do she and Gus deal with the adjustment?

Sex Talk

Sara has been invited to speak to a class on human sexuality at a state university. She says: “Although it shouldn’t have surprised me, talking to this class made me realize that many of these students saw sex simply as recreation.”

Working Mom

As Sara prepares to return to work, she’s savoring each moment with Gus. She reflects: “I know that letting go and trusting in God is a vital part of parenthood.”

My New Favorite Chore

During her time at home with Gus, Sara has the chance to develop her culinary talents. Surprisingly, she says, she’s enjoyed her time in the kitchen.

Date Time

For the first time since Gus was born, Sara and Justin get to have a real date. They speak about the importance of taking time to put their marriage first.

What’s in a Name?

A trip to the home improvement store gives Justin and Sara some ideas about how to share their faith in everyday life.

God’s Grace

With an infant in tow, Sara finds it difficult to get to confession. But with God’s grace she manages not only to receive the the sacraments, but to enjoy an unexpected “play date.”

Mass Behavior

Sara and Justin are learning to navigate taking little Gus to Mass. Justin writes, “Sometimes Gus feels like a ticking time bomb. Often it is impossible to predict when he is going to cry and he can go from perfectly happy to screaming at the top of his lungs in no time flat.”


“Recently, one of my friends with two kids told me the secret of motherhood during times of transition – simply have no expectations. Two months ago, that advice would have been laughable and foreign to me. These days, I couldn’t agree more.”


Gus is almost a month old. As Sara reflects on the changes in her family she says, “I wasn’t prepared for the joy that Gus would bring to our lives.”

Gus’s Baptism

Just five days after his birth, Gus is welcomed into the Catholic Church. Read about his baptism in the presence of family and friends.

Gus’s Birth Story

Baby Gus has arrived, but there were a few harrowing moments. Sara recounts his birth story.

A Few Observations for Dads (and Future Dads)

This week, while Sara recuperates, Justin shares what he learned and experienced during his son’s birth.

Welcome, Baby Kraft!

Congratulations to Sara and Justin upon the birth of Augustine Xavier Kraft!

Final Preparations

Sara writes: “Most of the time, I feel like a broken record. ‘Is baby here yet?’ is a common question via email and Facebook. ‘Nope, not yet,’ I respond. Now that I am over 41 weeks, it’s hard to wait for Baby.”

The Kindness of Others

Sara and Justin are still awaiting Baby Kraft’s arrival. Waiting is difficult, and the last stretch is often the hardest, but Sara and Justin are touched by the kindness of those around them.

The Waiting Game

Sara is less than a week from her due date. She writes: “I’m working hard to appreciate the last few days (or hours or minutes) before we have Baby outside the womb.”

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