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Baby Kraft’s arrival could be any time now! As Justin and Sara make their final preparations, they look ahead to the joys, but also the sacrifices, they anticipate a new baby will bring.

The Universal Language of Mothers

Sara experiences a scare as her pregnancy draws to a close. She writes: “For the first time, I saw a glimmer of why mothers sacrifice so much for their children.”

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Sara and Justin! Together they look back on a very eventful first year of marriage.


Justin and Sara take a much-needed weekend away before Baby Kraft arrives, and Sara is reminded that setting aside time to relax can strengthen their relationship.

Our Biggest Fight Ever

Every couple has at least one issue, seemingly minor, that they simply can’t seem to agree about. For Sara and Justin it’s what color to paint the walls in their new home. Read how they resolve their differences.

Birthing Class

Sara and Justin attend their first birthing class, and Sara finds there’s such a thing as too much information.

Getting Some Perspective

This week Justin and Sara discuss keeping perspective in the midst of the ups and downs of pregnancy – and home improvement!

Road Trip!

Justin attends an out-of-town wedding without Sara, and the experience reminds him of his “carefree” single days. Is he ready for the added responsibility of parenthood?

Growing in Holiness

Sara has gotten a lot of advice during her pregnancy. One piece, offered by a good friend, sticks in her mind: Nothing can truly prepare one for parenthood and how hard it’s going to be.

The Countdown Continues

Sara and Justin visit her six-month-old niece and get a close look at family life with a baby.

The Pregnancy Blues

Now in her third trimester, Sara reflects: “The past several days, I’ve been suffering from a case of the pregnancy blues. I feel overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated both at work and at home.” Can our readers offer any helpful tips?


In addition to Baby, Sara and Justin are dealing with other transitions. Sara will get a new boss in June, and Justin is losing a good colleague. As Sara reflects, “It’s a lot easier to SAY I’m going to trust in God than it is to actually do it.”

In Sickness and in Health

How do you handle sickness in your marriage? Sara learns that she and Justin can’t simply assume they know how they other is feeling.

Paying the Tax Man

Doing one’s taxes might be stressful, but Sara and Justin find it’s an opportunity to see how much they’ve grown together since their marriage.

Blessed Holy Week!

As her pregnancy advances, Sara and Justin have many questions: Should Sara continue to work outside the home? How will they pass on the faith to their child? Sara reflects: “At times when I am anxious, I look at our crucifix and it puts it all into perspective.”

Preparing the Way

Sara has been caught up in baby preparations and admits that Lent has gotten short-changed this year. She wonders: “What would happen if I used a fraction of the time preparing for Easter this next week that I’d typically spend preparing for baby”?

Our Little Way

We may dream of doing great things for God, but the reality is that God calls most of us to honor Him through the ordinary tasks of daily life. Can our lives of simple service have an impact on others? Sara reflects on this question with other mothers.

Blessed Beyond Measure

Sara reflects on some of the unexpected kindnesses that have come her way during her pregnancy–everything from a surprise gift of maternity clothes to a coupon for free pizza.

Say “Cheese”

Justin accompanies Sara to her doctor’s appointment, and the reality of having a baby hits home when he sees the ultrasound. He says: “The whole experience is one I can barely describe.”

To Fast–Or Not

Sara considers the ancient Lenten discipline of fasting and how it applies to her as a pregnant woman. How does she decide to keep the spirit of the law?

The Name Game

Sara and Justin had the ideal baby name picked out. Then Sara found out that an acquaintance plans to use the exact same name. What do readers think she should do?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Like many couples, Sara and Justin have found that one spouse is more romantic, while the other is more practical. This can make for an interesting Valentine’s Day! Read how Sara and Justin celebrated the big day.

Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

A movie, a simple request from a colleague, a homecoming story–all these have been enough to get Sara crying. She talks about coping with her up and down emotions.

Great Expectations

As Justin awaits the birth of his and Sara’s child, he observes, “I have noticed how different the experience of “expectation” is for me as a man versus the experience for Sara as a woman.” Read how Justin is dealing with the reality of a baby and the prospect of greater responsibility.

No More “Superwoman”

How true are the stories one hears about pregnancy? Before becoming pregnant, Sara says that she discounted most of them. Now she’s discovering that they contain more than a little truth.

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