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New Study Looks at “At-Home Dads”

Who are the “new Dads” who stay at home full time with their children? A study from Boston College says they tend to be men who, with their spouses, made a choice “to dedicate themselves to full-time parenting for an often indefinite length of time.”

Love Letters From Kansas Campaign

Catholic Charities in Kansas has kicked off a new state-wide campaign to foster healthy and stable marriage and family relationships. This comprehensive effort encompasses relationship education, public awareness and online outreach.

Can a Family Still Find Time to Eat Together?

How important are family meals? Research shows that children as well as parents value this time to sit down together. It can be a challenge to schedule this daily ritual, but the benefits are huge.

Married Fathers and Mothers, and Their Children

The intact, biological family remains the gold standard for raising children, according to a new study done at the University of Texas at Austin that has captured widespread attention.

What’s (Not) Wrong With Low-Income Marriages

Statistics show that marriage in low-income communities is threatened and often experiences bad outcomes. However, a new report suggests that it would be wrong to assume that people in low-income communities do not value marriage. The report’s authors suggest that if wrong assumptions guide programs aimed at strengthening marriage, those programs may miss the mark.

How New Parents Can Improve Their Relationship

It’s well known that a marriage can suffer, at least for a while, when the first child is born. But marital dissatisfaction is not a given. A respected researcher says that couples can take a few simple steps to minimize the problem.

Pope Offers Guidance and Encouragement to International Couples

Pope Benedict XVI answered questions and offered advice to five couples at the recent World Meeting of Families in Milan. He touched on such topics as balancing home and work; growing in love through the stages of marriage; and the Church’s duty to support couples who have divorced and remarried.

What Life Satisfaction Means for Marriage

Can spouses’ sense of general satisfaction with life predict what sort of marriage they have? How does one’s satisfaction with life interrelate with one’s relationships? These are questions Denver University researchers are seeking to explore.

What Sparks Money Arguments?

It’s probably no surprise that couples argue the most about money. But what three money-related issues cause the most conflict?

Vatican Meeting to Highlight Work/Family Balance

This year the Vatican’s World Meeting of Families, to be held in Milan, will focus on the relationship between work and the family. The Meeting will call attention both to workplace goals and the goals of family life apart from work, especially on Sundays and holidays

Is Humility a Source of Strength?

Humility is a misunderstood virtue. Does it mean being reserved and hesitant? Read more to find out how humility is connected to accepting the truth and giving strength to you and to your relationships.

Divorce Rate Rises for Middle-Aged, Older Americans

A new report finds that divorces are becoming much more frequent for middle-aged and older adults, even as the overall divorce rate is declining or stable. The report says this finding has far-reaching ramifications.

Bishops Say Arizona Immigration Law Hinders Family Unity

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops says that Arizona’s 2010 immigration law will impede the goal of promoting family unity. It also poses a threat to religious liberty.

Marriage in the News

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Relating the Cross to Married and Family Life

This year the meditations for the 14 Stations of the Cross in Rome where composed by Danilo and Annamaria Zanzucchi, an Italian couple who have been married for 59 years. The couple “wanted to make sure that these texts bore the mark of a lived Christian experience and, at the same time, reflected our understanding of the Passion as it has developed through years of contact with thousands of couples.”

In Cuba, Pope Cites Marriage’s Value to Society

While the Pope’s message about marriage and family may be familiar to U.S. Catholics, it may not be well-known in Cuba, where the Church has had little access to the media.Other themes during the recent papal trip included religious freedom, human dignity, and the contribution the church’s values make to society, so that the Church does not threaten society.

Young Adults More Likely to Live With Parents

According to new research from the Pew Center, “If there’s supposed to be a stigma attached to living with mom and dad through one’s late 20s or early 30s, today’s ‘boomerang generation’ didn’t get that memo.” Young adults as well as their parents seem largely satisfied with their living arrangements.

Is Marriage Overrated? Not for Children

Recent headlines would have people believe that marriage is no better than cohabitation. Not so, says a leading researcher. Children are much better off with married parents because their relationship is more stable.

Maine Bishop Issues Letter on Greatness of Marriage

In Maine, a same-sex marriage referendum will be on the ballot in November. A similar referendum was defeated in 2009. The state’s bishop has said that more education is needed about the meaning of marriage and has written a pastoral letter.

Same-Sex Marriage Headed for State Ballots and Supreme Court

Activity in the states around same-sex marriage is heating up. Read what’s happening from California and Washington to New Jersey and Maryland.

Young Adults Remain Optimistic About Their Future

A new report finds that, despite economic challenges, young adults ages 18 to 34 are happy with their lives. They agree with older generations that family comes first and career second. Being a good parent and having a successful marriage are important life goals for this cohort.

Why “Date Nights” Matter

Many married couples look forward to their date nights and agree that time by themselves helps their marriage. A new report identifies five benefits of date nights. It says that couples who enjoy high-quality time together can head off divorce.

This Lent, Try a Little Silence

Can silence be “an essential part of communication?” It seems contradictory, but Pope Benedict points out that, among other benefits, silence can enhance what we say to each other.

What Happens to Commitment When the Going Gets Rough?

It’s easy to be committed to a marriage when it’s meeting your needs. But what happens when you’re not getting what you want out of a relationship? Researchers discover a “second dimension” of commitment that can keep the marriage afloat.

Australian Bishops Urge Couples Towards “Smart Loving”

The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference encourages married couples to use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to affirm marriage and life-long romantic love. They urge couples to practice “smart loving,” that is, knowing the way one’s spouse likes and needs to be loved.

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