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How Saints Are Made

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How Saints Are Made

Have you ever wondered about the process by which the Church declares someone a saint? Below is an excerpt from the USCCB Backgrounder, “Making Saints.” Go here to read the entire article, which includes key terms, a history of the canonization process, and the various stages of canonization. Also, search “married saints” on this site to find articles about married men and woman who have been declared blesseds or saints by the Church.


All Christians aspire to become saints, that is, persons in heaven (officially canonized or not), who lived lives of great charity and heroic virtues and who are worthy of imitation.

In official Church procedures there are three steps to sainthood: a candidate becomes “Venerable,” then “Blessed” and then “Saint.” Venerable is the title given to a deceased person recognized formally by the pope as having lived heroic virtues. To be beatified and recognized as a Blessed, one miracle acquired through the candidate‟s intercession is required in addition to recognition of heroic virtue or martyrdom. Canonization requires a second miracle after beatification, though a pope may waive these requirements. (A miracle is not required prior to a martyr‟s beatification, but one is required before canonization.)

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