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Encouragement and Enrichment

Encouragement and Enrichment

Develop an even closer relationship with each other through one of these programs.

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The Alexander House: Covenant of Love Ministry
The internationally recognized Covenant of Love ministry programs can help to build a thriving parish community by building and supporting strong, joyful, and lasting marriages focused on God’s plan for marriage.
Greg Alexander

The BEATITUDES: A Couple’s Path to Greater Joy
This marriage enrichment program explores the Beatitudes as a path to holiness in Christian marriage. The program is based on John Bosio’s book, Blessed is Marriage: a Guide to the Beatitudes of Catholic Couples. The program, which contains six videos, handouts for participants, opening prayers, and a coordinator’s guide, is very versatile. It can be used in date nights programs, small discussion groups, or in couples’ retreats.

The Cana Institute
Cana Institute guides couples toward vibrant marriages by helping them understand the dynamics between the spiritual and problem-solving components of marriage.
Bridget Brennan, MA, MA, President and Jerome Shen, PhD

Charis Ministries
Founded in 2000, Charis Ministries reaches those in their 20’s and 30’s throughout the country, nurturing their faith through retreats based in Ignatian Spirituality.  Charis’ Christ Alive in Our Marriage retreat invites couples in their first five years of marriage to reflect on how Christ is alive in their marriages, and how they are called to make Christ Alive in our world. Visit the website for more information on the retreat, and to find a schedule of upcoming retreats.

Christian Family Movement
This network of families supports each other in living their faith in daily life at home, in the workplace, and in their communities. In the U.S. and international. English and Spanish.

The Couple Prayer Series
A six-week series to help married and engaged couples develop closer relationships with God and each other as they learn to pray in safe, close and comfortable ways.

The Covenant Experience
The Covenant Experience is an innovative parish program presented by lay couples and parish staff to enhance a Catholic couple’s appreciation of their sacrament of Matrimony. English and Spanish.

Fight Less, Love More Couples Course
Bestselling author, Harvard lawyer and couples mediator Laurie Puhn and Family Dynamics Institute have brought you this empowering course  based on the bestselling book Fight Less, Love More: 5 Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship Without Blowing Up or Giving. This step-by-step course is the perfect way to enrich your marriage at any stage.
In each of the nine one-hour classes, you will experience the benefit of using the 5-Minute Conversations to avoid and reduce conflict, increase appreciation, intimacy and respect, give a perfect apology and create a personalized daily communication routine that will help you grow stronger and closer in your marriage.
There is also an online version of the course that takes place in a virtual classroom, which allows couples and the course leader to interact. Visit www.fightlesslovemore.com for more information and class dates.

The Foundational Intimacy: Eucharist as the Model for Marriage
Available as an overnight retreat and in a day-long format, this skills-based workshop offers practical information and time for prayer and reflection.

Living in Love
A parish-based retreat workshop for newlyweds and young married couples that presents insights from Theology of the Body through the witness of other young couples. A followup program, Living in Love Every Day, teaches Theology of the Body life skills to married couples as an extension of the Living in Love retreat workshop and/or a mentor training course for Preparing to Live in Love.

Marriage Enrichment, Inc
Non-profit, non-denominational, and nationwide, Christian Marriage Workshops build positive communication skills in marriage and family relationships through private and small group activities.

Marriage Enrichment Program
This parish-based ministry for couples includes three programs:  The Marriage Enrichment Weekend, the Retreat, and Engaged Enrichment. Archdiocese of Santa Fe. English and Spanish.

The Marriage in Christ Seminar
This parish-based ministry focuses on three key elements: friendship with God, friendship with one’s spouse, and invoking the power of the Holy Spirit.. The seminar includes one two-hour session per week for five weeks.
(615) 789-2888

Marriage Savers and Community Marriage Covenants
Clergy in over 150 cities have collaborated to develop Community Marriage Policies that call for rigorous marriage preparation and training Mentor Couples to help couples prepare for and strengthen their marriages.

Ministry to the Newly Married
A parish-based mentoring program for newlywed couples offered by Agape Catholic Ministries. This five-year program pairs new married couples with couples married at least five years, with the goal of fostering the new couple’s relationship skills and broadening their understanding of each other and living out the Sacrament of Marriage.

More2Life Radio with Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak
Airing on over 30 stations across the US (and both live online & podcast at avemariaradio.net), More2Life is a call-in advice program that applies insights from Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and cutting-edge psychology to problems of daily living.  In addition to callers, we feature a regular slate of guest experts. Call in Monday-Friday from Noon-1pm E (11am-Noon C) at 877-573-7825 to ask Dr. Greg and Lisa your questions.

National Marriage Encounter
National Marriage Encounter (NME) promotes and encourages marriage and family life by offering Marriage Encounter weekends and a support community. It is open to couples of all faiths and those of no religious affiliation.

ProSAAM: Program for Strong African American Marriages
ProSAAM is a marriage education curriculum designed to help African American couples have strong and healthy relationships.  It incorporates major aspects of PREP plus a thoughtful and innovative use of prayer. In addition to the spiritual emphasis, the program includes materials and activities that recognize how institutional and implicit racism affects the success of African American marriages.

Resource Guide from the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers
This Guide includes links to top programs around the country to help engaged couples and married couples live happy, holy marriages.

SIX DATES for Catholic Couples
This easy-to-use program is a marriage-building resource for parishes. It includes six videos, handouts, a Program Coordinator’s Guide, and the book Happy Together, the Catholic Blueprint for a Loving Marriage, by John Bosio.

Teams of Our Lady
We are a movement of “Married Spirituality” which brings together Christian couples united by the Sacrament of Marriage; and who wish, together, to deepen the graces of their Sacrament of Marriage.

Thriving Families
Thriving Marriages teaches couples how to build unity, grow in resilience and intimacy, and overcome most marital crises. It is offered on three different 3-hour sessions mostly at local churches (California). Thriving Marriages Program, Book/CD’s are available in English & Spanish.
(949) 851-1572

Together in Holiness
Together in Holiness is a series of marriage conferences that empower couples to grow together in holiness. Couples receive motivating insights and practical guidance on how they can embrace a vibrant Catholic spiritual life in their marriages and families. As an initiative of the John Paul II Foundation for Life and Family, Together in Holiness is offered in collaboration with dioceses and parishes.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter
WWME is a weekend experience that teaches a technique of loving communication to promote intimate and responsible relationships and offers community support for the sacramental lifestyle modeled by the presenters. Offered in English, Spanish and Korean.




Family Honor
Established in 1988, Family Honor provides and promotes a family-centered, Catholic approach to chastity education through our programs, online course and other parent resources. Working through parishes and dioceses, our professionally-prepared presenters provide unique opportunities for parents to come with their son or daughter to one of our three in-person programs (Leading & Loving; Changes & Challenges; Real Love & Real Life) and experience it together. Our course, The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family, is available for continuing education via a flexible online format. Resources can be ordered from our online store.

Families of Character
Families of Character is an on-line, discussion based course that develops character through virtues. Established in 2009, Families of Character (FOC) is a nonprofit organization committed to providing parents with the tools to live virtues, impart virtues to their children, and reverse the breakdown of families by helping to create happier, more unified families. Comprehensively focusing on one virtue at a time the course has created on-line videos, self-assessments tools, guided practice and goal tracking.

Parenting with Heart: A Guide to Parenting Based upon the Call to Love as We Are Loved — The generous love of God, who has loved us first and loved us into being, serves as the model for parents and those who take the role of parent: grandparents, mentors, and caregivers. The purpose of the guide is to support parents and families to respond to the call to be the Domestic Church, a communion of life, of love, and of grace. In this program we reflect on God’s love for us and how God’s love can guide us in our role as parents. We also draw on lessons from the field of parent education. Together, they form the basis of Parenting with Heart. Complimentary copies of the Facilitator’s Guide and the Participant’s “Tool Kit” are available upon request.

Christine Rybka-Miki and Paul Miki


Better Marriages
An international nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that provides enrichment opportunities and resources to strengthen couple relationships and enhance personal growth, mutual fulfillment, and family wellness.

Couple Communication
Couples learn 11 interpersonal skills for effective talking and listening, plus processes for better decision making, conflict resolution, and anger management.

Franklin Covey’s Marriage, Family, Youth and Community Initiatives
This engaging, experiential curricula, including The 8 Habits of a Successful Marriage, is based on Stephen Covey’s best-seller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
Military – 703-464-724
East of the Mississippi – 888-603-1776 ext 89181
West – 800-827-1776 x76152

Institute for Soul Healing Love
Non-profit, non-denominational institute designed to strengthen marriages and families. Classes also assist low-income families and minorities to improve life skills through communication and relationship development.

10 Great Dates

Ideas for memory-making dates to recreate the spark in your relationship. One version offers date ideas to help couples grow together spiritually.

Marriage Alive Programs
Video-based programs include 10 Great Dates, a fun and innovative approach to marriage education, and Second Half of Marriage, to renew empty nest marriages.

Marriage Builders, Inc.
Marriage Builders helps couples learn how to build and maintain a mutually enjoyable marriage.

PAIRS: Practical Application of Relationship Skills
Established in 1975, PAIRS teaches practical skills for building and rebuilding great relationships. Effective with couples at any stage from premarital to deeply troubled.

PREP: The Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program
Based on over twenty years of research, PREP teaches marital/premarital couples how to communicate effectively, work as a team, solve problems, manage conflict, and preserve and enhance love and commitment. Available in Spanish.
800-366-0166 or 303-759-9931

Relationship Enhancement (including MML) Programs
Couples learn skills to increase mutual understanding and emotional responsiveness; resolve conflicts; establish more satisfying behavior patterns, and enhance relationships with children and co-workers. Participant’s manual available in Spanish.

Bernard Guerney, Ph.D., Rob Scuka, Ph.D. and Mary Ortwein, MS, 502-227-0055 or 301-680-6977

admin@skillswork.org or niremd@nire.org

Couple Checkup
Online inventory which tailors content for dating, engaged or married couples and immediately produces report and Discussion Guide couples can view on their own. Great for groups and marriage enrichment. Multilingual and Catholic versions available.

Partners on the Journey

This marriage enrichment series combines a Catholic theology of marriage with findings from scientific research by Dr. John Gottman to offer couples both inspiration and practical help. For group facilitatorsor for couples to take home.


Offers an affordable way to improve relationship skills from the comfort of your own home. Online, skills-based, Healthy Relationship Webinars include topics to help build intimacy, trust and gain new communication skills. Each Webinar is directed by a certified relationship coach or educator. Individuals as well as couples can benefit.
info@thinkmarriage.org. Phone: 920-430-7300


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