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Never Keep Secrets

Never Keep Secrets

Remember, there are little spies out there to report your next move.

My wife and I were expecting our third child. It was a very exciting time and to make it more special, I thought it would be best to keep the sex of the baby a surprise until delivery. I enjoyed going to the appointments when I could and made it a point to go to the ultrasound screening when that time came.

We were thrilled to see this beautiful being developing so naturally. During the session, I was watching very closely and just for fun, trying to see out of my untrained eye what the sex might be. We told the technician that we did not want to find out and she did a very good job staying away. When we finished, the tech had to check the ovaries again, just for protocol.

We were both happy to see what we did and took our little pictures home to enjoy and stick on the refrigerator. A few weeks later, I was playing with my three-year-old and asked him what he thought mommy was going to have. His reply: “A little sister!” He sounded very confident so, having my curiosity piqued by his quick response, I asked him why he thought that to be true. He responded, “Mommy went shopping.” Hmmm. I thought for a quick moment, and then asked the next question, “For what?” His reply, “She bought PINK clothes!” And at this very moment, my wife was in the kitchen, holding her head in her hands and wondering how in the world she just got busted by a three-year-old.

So when you think you might have pulled something over on your spouse, just remember, there are little spies out there to report your next move.

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