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Spring Is Almost Here

March 18, 2010

The glucose test wasn’t so terrible after all. The orange drink, while it wouldn’t be my beverage of choice, really wasn’t bad. The doctor suspected this to be because I have a sweet tooth, which is in fact very true. And the blood test hurt just like any other blood test, which I knew it would so I was not worried about it to begin with. The rest of my appointment went well, too, and my next couple of appointments will just be quick checkups.

Here in Maryland, it is really starting to feel like spring! Today I sat outside on my deck in the 75 degree sunshine to read and eat my lunch (and hopefully soak up some Vitamin D), and it was perfectly wonderful. In just a few days the first day of spring will be here, and as the weather slowly gets warmer I’m getting closer and closer to meeting my baby. He or she will arrive before summer does. This summer is going to be very different from every other summer of my life—I can’t wait!

There is plenty remaining to be done around the house before the baby comes, though. The nursery is still a storage and project room, and there are several other projects that Daniel and I hope to finish in these last few pre-baby months, which will give us plenty to keep busy. Not to mention those unexpected projects that continue to crop up which are not on our list at all.

For example, part of this beautiful springy weekend will be spent (at least for Daniel) replacing several shingles on our roof which were blown off during a rainstorm last week. What fun! I, of course, will be spending that time standing out on the deck watching him, as though the strength of my stare could be enough to keep him from falling off the roof. Really, though, our roof is not at all steep. I shouldn’t need to worry.

Now for one last thing that I just thought I’d share that is rather random—this Saturday morning I will be going to a big yard sale with my friend Laura, the first of many I will be searching this spring I’m sure, and my quest is to find good children’s books to start our library. First of all, I love bargains. Second of all, I love books. And third, I love a good quest! (All three of these things I get from my mom) Wish me luck; I’m so excited!

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  • "Is Your Mama a Llama" (Deborah Guarino) is a wonderful book! One of my favorite children's books!

Sarah and Daniel

Sarah and Daniel

Sarah H., 25, has a bachelor of arts degree in Communication Studies and a passion for communicating her Catholic faith, especially with youth. On May 16, 2009 she married her best friend, Daniel. Faith and Family are the two most important things in her life, and she wouldn’t trade either for the world.


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