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June 18, 2014

(Reader’s Tip) If you do something wrong, don’t say, “I’m sorry,” which doesn’t need a response. Say, “Will you forgive me?” The other spouse has to say “yes” or “no.” If “no,” you need to talk

June 12, 2014

(Reader’s Tip) Speak to your spouse the way you would to a stranger or a co-worker. Be kind.

Marriage Movie Night

Could watching movies help prevent divorce? A recent study shows the positive effects that discussing the relationships that are portrayed in film can have on one’s own relationship.

Facebook and Marriage

Is social media helpful to relationships or harmful? This article looks more deeply into the effect social media is having on relationships today and our ability to communicate with others.


Looking back over the years, Stacey realizes that she can handle almost instinctively situations that earlier would have caused much distress. Growth in marriage and parenting is possible!

February 22, 2014

Communication tip: Agree in advance that when a conversation gets heated, either spouse can call a “time out.” Take at least 20 minutes to cool down and process what was said before regrouping and continuing the discussion.

Marital Boundaries

Getting married doesn’t mean that you’ll never feel attracted to someone other than your spouse. Stacey writes here about how she and Josh have navigated this situation with honesty and clear boundaries. The key: “Always and everywhere, I am Joshua’s wife.”

Loving – And Liking – Your Spouse

Loving – And Liking – Your Spouse

“I love my husband…I just don’t like him.” That’s a commonly-heard phrase in couples mediation, says Laurie Puhn, author of the book Fight Less, Love More and the new marriage enrichment course based on the book. Read Laurie’s advice on how to foster love in the midst of daily life and misunderstandings.

Hooked on Football

Hooked on Football

Is fall “football season” in your home? Read about how one wife learned to appreciate her husband’s love of football and see it as a chance to love him and spend time together. Touchdown!

Communication That Arises From a Caring Heart

Many married couples wonder, “How can we communicate better?” In her new book “One in the Lord,” spirituality writer Susan Muto talks about the habits that sustain good communication, and especially good listening, such as kindness, other-centered love, and patience.

More, Please!

Gus has learned how to make the sign for “more.” His growing communication skills remind Sara and Justin of the importance of communicating clearly in marriage, especially during times of stress or strong emotions.

Common Values: Making (or Breaking) a Marriage

Common Values: Making (or Breaking) a Marriage

A lack of common values can be a deal-breaker in a marriage. How close are you and your spouse, or fiance(e), on basic marriage values? Try this short exercise.

Catholic & Newly Married: 5 Challenges and 5 Opportunities

Here’s an ideal book for couples who want to strengthen their marriage from the outset. It outlines five challenges couples will experience as they begin to build their own marriage, and it directly relates each challenge to an opportunity flowing from it.

The Couple Checkup: Find Your Relationship Strengths

What contributes to marital success? The authors find five keys to intimacy: communication, couple closeness, couple flexibility, personality compatibility and conflict resolution. The book explains each one, includes exercises that couples can do together, and offers a free “Couple Checkup” to purchasers.

25 Ways to Fight Fair

25 Ways to Fight Fair

Even in the best marriages, conflicts erupt. Don’t let an argument, whether it’s big or small, damage your relationship. Keep in mind these tips to ensure a “fair fight.”

Fighting for Your Marriage (3rd ed.)

“Fighting For Your Marriage” has become a classic since its publication in 1994. In this new edition, the authors encourage couples to protect their marriage by working on the positives and to follow “ground rules” for discussing difficult topics.

Marriage: Small Steps, Big Rewards

Clinical psychologist Ray Guarendi argues that most marriages, no matter how close to the point of no return, can still be healed. He says that small steps, such as saying “I’m sorry,” can yield big rewards.

For Couples, Communication Is Multidimensional

There is little disagreement that effective communication between a wife and husband contributes to marital happiness. What makes for effective communication in a marriage?

How to Deepen Empathy in Your Marriage: Three Key Skills

(From “Thriving Marriages” 2nd ed. by John Yzaguirre, Ph.D., and Claire Frazier-Yzaguirre, M.Div., M.F.T, New City Press, 2015. It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking each other for granted or just putting up with each other.  One husband described this bluntly: “When I get home my dog is the only one who seems […]

Meet Sara and Justin

Meet Sara and Justin, an engaged couple preparing for their Catholic wedding in June. Over the next few months they’ll blog about how they met, how they discerned God’s call to marriage, and how they’re getting ready not just for their big day, but the rest of their married lives. We invite you to share their excitement and leave a comment or two.

Fight Less, Love More

Most marital conflict results from poor communication skills. The author explains what can go wrong and, more important, what couples can do to avoid painful arguments.

Be a Great Valentine–Give the Gift of Words

Be a Great Valentine–Give the Gift of Words

Money can’t buy everything. Sometimes, what your spouse really wants is a compliment, an offer of assistance or an unexpected “thinking of you” e-mail. Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts that are priceless.

When Closeness Does–And Doesn’t–Help a Couple’s Communication

We usually assume that the closer a couple is, the better their communication. A new study finds that’s not necessarily the case. Read why closeness can sometimes hinder a couple’s ability to communicate.

In Good Times and Bad

Tough times means that couples need to pool their collective energy in order to solve their problems. Fccusing especially on financial woes, the authors say that teamwork is essential so that couples can survive and even learn from their difficulties.

Five Tips to Fight Less and Love More

Five Tips to Fight Less and Love More

The holiday season is back. With family gatherings, high expectations and the pressure to make everyone happy, December can be the most stressful month of the year. How can couples keep their cool and make sure their marriage stays strong and that children see them at their best?

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