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On the Lighter Side

Laughter is great medicine! In marriage and family life, it brings levity that gets us through tough times.

“Responsorial Psalmnesia” and Other Catholic Disorders

With light-hearted reflection, Mary Jo enumerates several religious “disorders” that are common in her family. Raising saints can include joy…and humor!

Love…In So Many Words

One word, many experiences. Love – in a long marriage – takes on many different forms, from wedding day to first child to shared sorrows. An intricate blend, best described in the word “forever.”

Play: A Virtue to Take Seriously

Play: A Virtue to Take Seriously

It’s good to remember that rest, relaxation, and even play can be helpful in a marriage. Play as a virtue? Of course! Whether we call it playfulness, a sense of humor, or a joyous spirit, this virtue can help a marriage over the rough spots and deepen intimacy. Here are some ideas for cultivating playfulness in your marriage.

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