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Becoming Masters of Love

Emily Macke shares the research findings of psychologist John Gottman about what makes couples “masters” or “disasters” of love.

June 11, 2014

Are you sending a card to a new bride and groom? Include your favorite tip for a happy marriage—it can be serious, humorous or thought-provoking.

Advice to the Groom

Advice to the Groom

The wedding season is moving into high gear. With attention focused on the bride, the groom often gets overlooked. A wise dad shares practical–and touching–advice with his soon-to-be-married son.

Study Finds First Year of Marriage Is Not the Happiest

Does marriage begin at its high point, with couples enjoying their greatest life satisfaction during their first year together as husband and wife? According to research conducted in Australia, the most satisfied couples were those married 40 years or longer.

Catholic & Newly Married: 5 Challenges and 5 Opportunities

Here’s an ideal book for couples who want to strengthen their marriage from the outset. It outlines five challenges couples will experience as they begin to build their own marriage, and it directly relates each challenge to an opportunity flowing from it.

How New Parents Can Improve Their Relationship

It’s well known that a marriage can suffer, at least for a while, when the first child is born. But marital dissatisfaction is not a given. A respected researcher says that couples can take a few simple steps to minimize the problem.

The Early Years of Marriage: Two Books

The early years of marriage–the honeymoon phase–are also the riskiest. These two books offer practical advice for building a solid foundation for your marriage.

The Best Wedding Gift?  Your Ongoing Support

The Best Wedding Gift? Your Ongoing Support

If you’re planning to attend a wedding, you’ll probably hear a challenge to support the bride and groom during the critical early years of marriage. But, how, practically, can you do this? We offer a few suggestions.

Stages of Growth in Marriage

Stages of Growth in Marriage

Social scientists have observed that marriages typically move through a series of at least four stages. Each stage presents unique learning opportunities and blessings, along with challenges and obstacles.

Newly Married

The first five years can be exhilarating as couples experience new “firsts” together- their first Christmas as a married couple, first dinner party for the in-laws, even their first joint tax return. At the same time, the early years require some radical personal adjustment, which is stressful on the relationship. Most divorces occur during the […]

After the Glass Slipper

After the Glass Slipper

The dream of couples who marry is to live “happily ever after.” With the passage of a little time, however, each spouse notices changes in the other; a variety of conflicts arise. Then, say the authors of “After the Glass Slipper,” the spouses may ask where the person they married went and if it is going to be possible for them to achieve their dream.

Prayers for the Newly Married

Prayers for the Newly Married

Don’t let “Newly Married” in its title prevent you from giving this attractive book to a couple on their first or fifth anniversary. Not only does the book’s square, hardcover format and reasonable price make it an ideal gift, but it also has prayers to last for a lifetime of marriage.

In Sickness and In Health

In Sickness and In Health

We had been engaged for 13 months, with 22 days until the big day, when Matt, at age 23, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. We could never have predicted this, with no history in the family and no smoking, but it wasn’t necessary. God was in control, our souls were flooded with peace, and the last 10 months have been nothing less than miraculous.

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