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Reality vs. “Infertility”

A recent lawsuit whereby four women are suing for infertility treatment provides an opportunity to reflect on Church teaching about fertility, infertility, children and marital love.

Summer Goals

A friend’s unexpected visit makes Justin and Sarah realize how much they enjoy–and need–outside company. Read how they decide to broaden their world.

Finding Hope from “Modern Love”

Emily Macke reviews the winning articles from the New York Times college essay contest on modern love and finds hope in the students’ yearning for something more.

Looking for a Happy Marriage

Emily Macke compares and summarizes the “Keys to a happy and long-lasting marriage” put forth by multiple media outlets. Retirees, most of whom have been married for over 40 years, share their tips on how to have happy marriages.

“Before I Do”: Premarital experiences affect the present

Emily Macke discusses a study done by the National Marriage Project that links premarital sex, cohabitation and the size of one’s wedding ceremony to the quality of one’s marriage.

The Week We Were Pregnant

An unexpected pregnancy and loss cause Josh and Stacey to reflect on life, trust, and God’s plan.

Marriage Movie Night

Could watching movies help prevent divorce? A recent study shows the positive effects that discussing the relationships that are portrayed in film can have on one’s own relationship.

Gus’ Participation

Can a one year old really participate in Mass? You might be surprised!

A New, Amazing Phase in Family Life

The Noems now have an in-house babysitter! Josh reflects on preparing the children to take on roles of increased leadership and responsibility.

A Papal Salute to Grandparents

Speaking at World Youth Day, Pope Francis described the relationship between the old and the young as “a treasure to be preserved and strengthened.” The Pope has frequently spoken on the important role of grandparents, citing his own paternal grandmother.

Home Sweet Noem

Last week, we traveled a day and a half to South Dakota to join a Noem family reunion. It was everything that an MTV spring break special is not: a weekend packed full of sweet rolls, baseball, and thoughtful conversation marked by easy silence and friendly nods.

For Your Own Good

Gus has gotten himself into a dangerous situation, and Sara and Justin must work quickly to help him. After recovering from their momentary panic they reflect on lessons learned.


Diagnosed with a brain tumor, Stacey’s mother is facing surgery. Stacey shares several observations from that difficult day.

Are Online Dating Sites Coming of Age?

A new study concludes that “a surprising number of Americans now meet their spouse online,” and “meeting a spouse online is on average associated with slightly higher marital satisfaction and lower rates of marital breakup.” More than one-third of U.S. marriages between 2005 and 2012 began online.

Home Improvement

Sara and Justin enjoy watching home makeover shows, but their own taste runs more towards the functional and comfortable. Read how they’ve de-cluttered this summer–and how they used the extra cash.

Brain Tumor

Stacey’s Mom has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. In Part 1 of a two-part blog entry, Stacey recounts her Mom’s reaction–and her own–to the scary news.

Lost Coupon Organizer

Sara has lost her coupon organizer–a minor household disaster! She knows it will turn up, but when and where? Her experience prompts some reflections about lost sheep.

Faith Helps Relationships to Endure, Says Pope

Pope Francis issued his first encyclical, “The Light of Faith,” on July 5. He writes: ““Faith reveals just how firm the bonds between people can be when God is present in their midst.” Faith “sheds light on every human relationship because it is born of love and reflects God’s own love.”

Kitchen Nightmare

What do restaurants and marriages have in common? Justin learns a lesson from top chef Gordon Ramsey: Both succeed only when those involved recognize their faults and make an effort to improve.


Family vacation season is here! Josh writes: “I am really enjoying the quiet pace of this vacation, which has been about sleeping in, resting, and playing. It has led to great connections with the kids, for example, because of the meaningful time we can spend together.”

Mass Chaos

Sara wants to attend Mass during the week, but will Gus cooperate? The result might surprise you.

Hobbies–Fantasy or Necessity?

This summer, Josh and Stacey are learning how a hobby can enrich their lives. Devoting time and energy to an activity that’s “just for fun” has brought a new balance to their lives.

Bishops Respond to Supreme Court Marriage Rulings

Reacting to the Supreme Court’s decisions on DOMA and California’s Proposition 8, Cardinal Timothy Dolan declared, “The future of marriage and the well-being of our society hang in the balance.” Some church leaders suggested that the court’s actions would return the issue of same-sex marriage to the individual states.

Finding Joy

As Sara and Justin celebrate two years of marriage, Sara reflects on how to find joy in everyday life. She says: “Remembering that my joy isn’t contingent on everything going according to plan is, at times, a struggle for me.”

New Website Offers Guidance on Internet Safety

Parents and other adults wanting to help children and teens safely navigate the Internet, cell phones and other mobile devices will welcome a brand new website, website hopes to serve as “a starting point” for parents “who may not know where to turn, what to do or just need some quick information and practical guidance.”

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