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Stacey takes note of the “busyness” of our lives, a phenomenon that seems to track with technological advances. She’s looking forward to the summer and the opportunity for some “unplugged” time with the children.

Money Talk

What is a married couple to do when one person is a saver and the other a spender? Sara and Justin share their experiences with navigating a healthy budget.

Fathers and Children: Understanding the Misunderstandings

Is it a good idea for parents to request a little feedback from a child on how they are doing in their parenthood roles? The answer is yes, according to new research on parenting.

Road Trip

A trip to Indianapolis provides an opportunity for Sara to reminisce about the changes in her life. “Sometimes,” she says, “it’s good to get out of the routine simply to see how much I’ve grown and changed and how God’s been working in our lives.”

Comings and Goings

May has been a busy month for Josh and Stacey, with end-of-school activities and numerous house guests. Josh shares a spiritual reflection on the rhythm of coming and going.

The Breadwinner Moms of Today’s America

New research confirms the trend that a growing number of wives out-earn their husbands. While most adults do not see this as problematic, a large majority thinks that the expanding presence of mothers in the workplace makes it harder to raise children.


When is a piece of chocolate more than just chocolate? When it comes to mean a special treat for a busy mom. Sara explains why it’s important to have some “me” time and things, even if it’s just chocolate.

It’s Written Into Us

“There is a space in the basement [that]…had come to accumulate a number of odds and ends that we didn’t feel like dealing with when we first moved, and then items that we just didn’t feel like dealing with at all. Yesterday, the time came to open it all up and pare down.” The cleaning process yields an important insight.

Yard Work

Justin’s bad foot means that Sara has to do more yard work than she expected. She learns an important lesson about finding God in everyday tasks.

Can Couples Use Money To Buy Happiness?

New research shows that money can, indeed, buy happiness. But it depends on whether couples spend money on others, and whether they use money to buy experiences rather than things.

Gus Exerts His Will

Over the past few weeks baby Gus’ personality has started to emerge. “I can’t prove it,” says Dad, “but my intuition has started to tell me that he knows when he is doing something he is not supposed to be doing.”

Why Family Life Is Now a Choice

“Family life doesn’t just happen; it is a decision, a choice,” say the Catholic bishops of Manitoba, Canada. Today, “perhaps more than ever before, we must choose to be a family.”

Pope Francis Reflects on a Mother’s Demanding Role

As we celebrate Mother’s Day weekend, Pope Francis offer timely reflections on the role of mothers. A mother, he says, helps children to confront life’s problems without becoming lost in them.

When Life Gets Out of Control

Sara and Justin consider the question “Who will I trust to ensure my happiness?” Many people trust only themselves. But Sara says that since Gus’ birth, “God has really shown me in a million different ways that I am not in control.”

15th Anniversary

Will you celebrate your anniversary soon? Or perhaps you want to give your marriage a little tune-up. Stacey shares some thought-provoking questions to help you reflect on your relationship.

How Parents Spend Their Time: A Dramatic Change

A new research report finds that the “way mothers and fathers spend their time has changed dramatically in the past half century.” Some of the findings may surprise you. Here are ten highlights.

Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos

Runny noses, missed naps and a broken dishwasher have left Sara in need of an attitude adjustment. Read how she responds.

As Good As It Gets

Sometimes, TV couples can teach us as much about marriage as real life. Josh writes about Jim and Pam on The Office and speculates on what it will take to turn their marriage around.

The Fruit Is Ripening

Teaching children to behave at Mass is just the start, writes Stacey. The new challenge, she says, is “focusing in on what is being read and spoken and making some connections with it.”

Giving Back to God

The diocese where Sara and Justin live has started a capital campaign. They discuss their possible participation and how this will affect their other charitable contributions.

Families and the Cities We Want

British Archbishop Vincent Nichols recently addressed the question “What kind of city do we want?” He pointed out that people make the city; moreover, the family “is the first school of citizenship, and loving, stable families are the vital building block of every city, as they are of any human society.”

Couples Benefit When Dad Is Involved with the Kids

A new study finds that marriages benefit when a husband relates well with his children and is involved with them. Their marriages also benefit when he participates in household chores. These are important ways husbands connect with their wives.

Teething and Taxes

Sara writes that her life as a stay-at-home mom has become like the movie “Groundhog Dog,” as she follows the same routine over and over. Is that such a bad thing?

Finding Community

Stacey writes: “Joshua and I find that those relationships that are most dear, most life-giving and most enduring are with peers who are faithful and who push us to grow.” She explains in her latest blog post.

What Does the Rising Cohabitation Rate Mean for America?

New research studies show that many women are choosing cohabitation over marriage as their first union. What are the benefits and costs of delayed marriage?

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