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Following Francis

Justin reflects on the example offered by Pope Francis and his namesake, St. Francis of Assisi. He discusses how meeting Gus’s needs has helped to lessen his attachment to material goods.

Basketball and Family: The Little Things

Josh’s love of basketball leads him to appreciate the little things that bring success. Reflecting on these well-executed details, he got to thinking about the little things that make for a happy marriage and family life. He offers a list to ponder.

Immigrant Families Face Fear, Hopelessness

Recent criminal violence in northern Mexico has complicated immigration challenges at the border. Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville describes the fears and anxieties faced by immigrant families, both the poor and the well-to-do.

So Big!

As Sara watches Gus grow, she is reminded of Mary’s role in Jesus’s life. While she doesn’t know what God has in store for Gus, she reflects that Jesus’s own suffering ended with Easter joy.

Family Life and the Good News

Josh reflects on evangelizing one’s children. He says, “In my evangelizing efforts, I find that often I am the one being evangelized. To communicate love to our children, I have to first be transformed by love.”

Pope Francis Gives Families Food for Thought

Although he was just elected, Pope Francis is already giving families much to think about. He draws inspiration from St. Francis of Assisi, his namesake, and St. Joseph, and he hopes others will also see them as models.

A Lesson From Pope Francis

Sara makes a surprising connection between the new Pope’s love for simplicity and–couponing! Read what she’s already learned from Pope Francis.

“And By ‘Important’ You Mean…”

It’s a common marital frustration: Your spouse hasn’t been paying attention to what you said and a while later asks you to repeat the same information. Stacey explains how spouses can process information in different ways.

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Marriage Definition Cases

On March 26 and 27 the U.S. Supreme Court will hear two cases that relate to the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Learn what is involved and why the Catholic Bishops have filed friend-of-the-court briefs in each case.

Happy Seven Months, Gus!

Sara reflects: “As we continue to ponder how best to best Gus in the faith, I realized perhaps the answer is simpler than we realize.” Read what she and Justin discovered.

Long Commutes Take Toll on Family Life

A new Census Bureau report finds that millions of Americans commute more than 60 minutes a day each way. What effect do these long commutes have on family life?

Red Carpet Marriage

Josh reflects on the hit movie Les Miserables and its great insight into God’s unconditional love. Love, says Josh, “is something that only grows the more we give it away. I have found this to be utterly true in marriage and family life.”

Blest Are We

Sara’s visit to a homeless shelter prompts her to consider the many blessings she and Justin enjoy. She says: “In the coming weeks, Justin and I will continue to ponder how we are called to help the less fortunate and serve our Lord in this small way.”

Philadelphia to Host World Meeting of Families in September, 2015

The Vatican has announced the official date for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia: Sept. 22-27, 2015. Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput says a World Meeting has “the power to transform, in deeply positive ways, not just the spirit of Catholic life in our region, but the whole public community.”

Only As Happy As…

Stacey reflects that one child’s unhappiness can infect the entire family. But she has found an interesting counter-dynamic at work in her family.

Raising Gus in the Faith

Sara and Justin are experiencing a common dilemma of parents with small children: How to get something out of Mass while tending to a fussy baby. On Ash Wednesday, Sara realizes why it’s important to take Gus to Mass.

Does Home Life Prepare Children for Marriage?

Most parents hope to create a warm, supportive home for their children. A new study shows that these efforts do provide benefits. It finds that a positive family environment during childhood is associated better marital outcomes later in life.

Grasped by God, Held by Family

Assuming the role of godfather to his brand new nephew, Josh reflects: “It is a great sign that the Church welcomes people in baptism, especially when they are at their most vulnerable. It is a declaration that none of us can get by on our own—that we all need to be held by family.”


This Lent, Sara and Justin have decided to focus on two goals: eliminating distractions and taking time to recall God’s presence in their lives each day. Read how they’re going about it.

Marriage and Family: A Major Theme for Pope Benedict XVI

As Pope Benedict XVI prepares to leave his office, we look back at what the Pope said about marriage and family life. His pastoral concern and esteem for marriage and family turns out to be one of the themes of his papacy.

Life for Sandwich-Generation Parents: “Pulled in Many Directions”

If you are supporting both your own children and your parents, like many Americans, you are a part of the “sandwich generation.” The Pew center recently released a report on its new survey of the sandwich generation.

She’s Got My Back

Josh has been extra busy lately, and it’s been hard to keep connected to Stacey. But her little acts of caring and support show that she has his back.

Why Doesn’t Everyone View Adoption as a Pro-Life Option?

“One of the greatest challenges before us is to change women’s perception of adoption as being a bad choice,” Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston said recently in a homily during the National Prayer Vigil for Life.

So Long to the Parish

Sara says good-bye to the parish where she’s been working. As she reflects on the “lasts,” she also looks forward to her new vocation as a stay-at-home mom.

Bishop Calls for Special Attention to Child Poverty

In his new pastoral letter, Bishop Michael Bransfield of Wheeling-Charleston notes that 30% of West Virginia children under age 5 live in poverty. He addresses the complexity of poverty and the need for a moral commitment to overcome it.

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